Thursday, April 18, 2019

Watercolour Wreaths for Easter

On this beautiful Easter weekend, and today as we celebrate Good Friday, I thought it would be fitting to share some Scripture and a couple more watercolor wreaths I’ve worked on.  (more wreaths HERE, HERE and HERE). And where that first Good Friday must have felt deeply sorrowful, full of questions and fear, I have two beautiful portions of Scripture that reinforce the truth that we are not alone and we are loved.  Friday doesn’t have the final word, Sunday’s coming!

For this first design, I wanted to try out some greenery instead of flowers.  I LOVE how it turned out overall, probably because green is my favourite colour, and there are so many shades of it that you can play with.  There are elements of it that I do need more practise on, primarily the Monstera leaves.  I love that they are multiple colours, but their shape needs some work, and I ended up fiddling with them too much.  

It’s a start and I’ll keep practising!  The painting is done with Daniel Smith watercolours and the Bible Verses are from Stamp Simply’s set Fear Not.  One of the drawbacks of watercolor paper is that the ink tends to feather a bit too much, so its not as crisp as I’d like.  Do you have an ink you like on watercolor paper for really crisp words?  

This design showcases another stamp from the Fear Not set, and some pretty spring tulips.  I like the simplicity and shape of the tulips here.  

I think my next purchase will be a rigger brush.  I’ve been working with a round brush 0 or 1 and I think the rigger would be good for some of the more intricate details I need when flowers or lines are small.  Lots still to learn!  Thanks for sharing the process with me!  

Blessings on your Easter friends.  Praying you will be encouraged and impacted by the love of Christ this season.  


KarinsArtScrap said...

these are very beautiful cards Christine
Gr Karin

Conniecrafter said...

Oh Christine it is just lovely, I think you did the leaves perfectly and the flowers on the second are just beautiful!! I would have to say that Black Versafine seems to be very dark and crisp I think. When I want it very bold that is my go to. Have a Blessed Easter too!

Leslie Miller said...

Beautiful, Christine! You're moving right along with your watercolors and doing a wonderful job. You didn't say what ink you used for the scripture, but I use Palette Noir or whatever Palette color. Fast drying and waterproof. It's what I always use for watercolors. Same pad and reinker I've had for years. However, I don't recall that I've stamped very fine, small lettering on WC paper with it. Just an idea.

Helen said...

Christine, I'm so enjoying your watercolor wreathes. Keep sharing them.

CherylQuilts said...

Two more stunning cards, Christine! I love them both and especially love these verses. Aren't Stamp Simply Stamps wonderful? I love the beautiful Bible verses and the fonts. Yes, Friday doesn't have the final word...Christ arose. Praise God! Hugs and love! xoxo