Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pretty Packaging Cocoa and Marshmallows, and Copic Organization

Well we had a really busy day Tuesday, it's our day off and we got some errands done.  We went Ikea (more on that later) and to our Christian Book Store because one of our favourite groups Casting Crowns had a new CD out yesterday.  We are huge Casting Crowns fans.  While at the bookstore we found some AMAZING sales and we stocked up on some Christmas presents for our kids, our nieces and nephew and other family.  Love it when that happens.  I'm such a book lover and my kids are too, so it's never hard to find something to give to read. 

Anyway, I have a cute card to show you today that's just right for a sweet little gift for those cozy, crisp days of winter.  Again, my SU Demo Susan designed it, but it was just so cute that I had to share it with you.

What I love about this cute snowman/marshmallow face  is that he has an inside pocket when you open the card just the right size for a packet of hot chocolate.  You can just see the brad holding the pocket together.  I tried to take a picture of the inside too, but it was so blurry it just wouldn't work.  But trust me, the hot chocolate is in there :)

Now how about what I found at Ikea?  Well, I just got some more Copics from Flourishes the other day and had some issues.  I had no more space!  When I first started getting Copic Markers I bought 2 Copic Binder/Folders, I assured the store owner I'd "never fill them" HA!  I counted again today and I have 137 Copic Markers and 12 atyou Spica pens.  There was no more room in the inn, so I took them all out of the binders and color sorted them and put them in elastics see....

But that's not a very efficent way to store or use them.  So at Ikea today I went looking around for some ideas and found this cool CD storage case that doesn't have any lid.  It's just the right size for markers!  And inexpensive too, $9, and it's quite study. 

And from the front: 

And I still have room for some more in there.  Once that's filled I think I'll quit...maybe. 

What I love about it is that it can sit out on my table when I'm coloring and everything is easily accessible, and then it's easily put away in my shelf.


Willy's creations said...

So cute!


Marisa said...

Love the card :D The marsh mellows for the head is fabulous :D Glad you got your Copic storage issue under control too :D

Crystal said...

SOOOOOO cute, LOVE how you did this snowman...ADORABLE Christine!

Emily said...

How cute Christine! Love the marshmallow face!

I'm laughing about your copics storage problem because I just started purchasing a "few" copics and picked up two cute little slim pink baskets from Hobby Lobby to store them in. Now I'm starting to wonder how long it will take to outgrow them:))

Leslie Miller said...

Cute little card! I love his marshmallow face! I'm having some Copic issues, myself, as you can imagine. I think I have room in some cubbyhole shelves, but I need to do some sorting. No more keeping them separated according to collections. Looks like you found a good solution for yours, and you can't beat the price!

Connie M. said...

hehehe!! This is just the most ADORABLE I have ever seen!! Soooo very clever!! I also have copic envie!! WOWZERS!! :)

Jean McKenzie said...

Christine, this is such a clever way to use the little treat holders! That is s great way to store the Copics too! Must keep that in mind though I am a long way off having that number LOL.