Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yours Truly

Really busy week here on the homefront....we're in full-on preparation mode for the fall at Church and we have two full days of staff meetings this week.  And, just to throw something in there,  I decided early on in the week to undergo a organization project.  I was looking for 3 stamp sets I was missing and that rolled into stamp set organization which rolled into paper get the picture.   Suddenly two days were gone!  So no new creating for me here...but I thought I'd pull out something I created a while ago that you hadn't seen from me.

This sort of has a woodgrain theme...the background layer and sentiment flags are done with a wood embossing folder, the buttons are wood and you have a warm wicker basket full of flowers and a sweet note.  That would be a lovely and welcome gift for someone wouldn't it? 

I just pinned an idea on Pinterest yesterday about a woman who spent her 38th Birthday doing 38 Random Acts of Kindness for others.  (HERE'S the link)  It's really just a lovely story, and one I'd love to try as a way to spend my Birthday.  Then today one of my former students, now friend was celebrating her 24th Birthday and she was doing 24 random acts of kindness for others!  What timing hey?  Our Executive Pastor was celebrating his Birthday and she brought him a cake and a note.  So sweet.  It was one of her special things today for others, I bet she'll have some wonderful stories from her day today.  

The blogger that I read about wrote that outside of the day she was married and the days she had her children it was the next best day of her life.  So powerful doing something for others.  Just thought I'd share that little story with you today along with the card.  

Have a wonderful day!  


KarinsArtScrap said...

wow gorgeous basket with flowers Christine.

greetings karin

Conniecrafter said...

Beautiful image and coloring, the framing is perfect and I love the wood grain you even gave to the sentiment banner!
I saw that too, I think I would have to do mine throughout a couple of days :)

Wanda Cullen said...

I love the RAK idea but at 60 years of age, that could seem overwhelming - lol! Your card is GORGEOUS and I love the way it fits in that oval frame die!

Sherry Kushibab said...

I have been so slack in visiting some of my fave blogs of late - brought a smile to my face to see this lovely card. Hmm, RAK's based on age, that might keep me busy until my next birthday...LOL. A great is actually RAK month here in the State I live in, a concept they have been pushing thru the media for months. Nice to hear of all the good things people are doing for one another. Have a great day.

Joan V said...

Beautiful card. Love the flowers and the look of the wooden basket. Thanks for sharing.