Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photography 52 - 36

Could this week get any busier?  You know it probably could have, but wow!  Between school starting, driving lessons, life back at work in a very busy season, training volunteers, supper for 20 volunteers several times, figuring out a new-used car situation for our broken down ones, and getting ready to launch the fall ministry year at Church, I'm one tuckered girl.  I don't mean to whine either...I'm just exhausted and next week promises to be as busy.  I'm sure probably many of you are in the thick of it too.  As an introvert - I definitely need my down-time!  Hoping some comes soon!  

I'll throw a few pics out there for you of things I want to remember.  

Earlier this summer, my Dad gave us his little red truck knowing our 2nd car was close to the end of it's life.  We just love this little red truck and it has many fond memories for us.  It's a stick shift and all the kids wanted to learn to drive on it.  When our 2nd car did actually die and we knew it would cost too much to repair, we took the truck in knowing it it wasn't running perfectly, but thought it would be a small thing.  Turns out it was a $1500 part to repair too (computer issues), more than the truck was worth.  So, sadly, we had to call the Kidney Foundation to come tow it away (sniff, sniff!).  Honestly it seems weird to be attached to a vehicle, but our whole family felt that way.  

The kids wanted one last "drive" in the truck, so my husband took them out.  

Our daughter just started her driving lessons, but driving a stick was a whole new ball game.  

And though this guy just turned 14 and doesn't have his learner's licence yet, we let him drive around the school parking lot with his Dad.  He is DYING to have his licence!  

And this is our beautiful crew on the first day of school.  Grade 9, Grade 12 and Grade 5.  All have had good starts to school even though 2 out of the 3 wish they could have had a much longer summer.  I'll let you guess which 2 those are!  Love them.  And I'm very proud of them too. 

Catch-ya next week!  Lots of Flourishes awesomeness coming down the pike!


Marisa said...

Lots going on and I can totally relate to needing an introverts down time!! Hope you can find a good car for a decent price. Love the pic of the three kids :)

Jill Norwood said...

Wow! Lots happening! I just repaired my stove and plumbing and can identify with the car issues! Your children are beautiful! Summer does seem to go by quickly! :)

TLady said...

I'm LATE in getting here Christine, WHAT A WEEKEND! I'm GLAD you've had a better experience this weekend with letting your kids drive! Our son wanted to drive home from the doctor's office on Friday evening...My husband let him! He DOES NEED TO LEARN!!! They didn't make it! Not far from home they had a one car accident! We THINK the truck is TOTALLED!!!!!!!!Everyone is fine! It made for a LATE & SCAREY NIGHT for us though!