Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adeline's Party!

Yesterday was a day full of blessing. My mom, my daughter and I hosted a Baby Shower at our home for my niece Adeline and my Sister-in-Law. It meant so much to us to invite friends and family to bless them both. We worked like crazy to pull this together the past few weeks. So I'll show you a little of the party and some things we created for it.
Here's the pretty girl of the hour at the party. She was cuddled like crazy that day. Everyone wanted to hold her and fuss over her. She is a precious little girl, big blue eyes, button nose, teeny ears...beautifully baby chubby. We adore her.

Here are some of the pretty things we worked on for the party:

This is the diaper cake I made for the party (check out Susan Liles amazing Tutorial for it HERE), my friend Dawn gave me the cake bottom (thanks girl!) and I added more classy accents (like the corduroy brads in the centers) than specifically baby accents to the cake with the Big Shot Daisies Die. I love how it turned out.

My brother and sister in law have 2 cats that have been like their children till Adeline came, (SERIOUSLY), so we put a cute little stuffed animal cat on top as the topper for Adi to have her own kitty.
And this was my favourite decoration (sorry I took the pictures at night before the party so they aren't as bright as I'd like). I asked my mom to sneak me all the fabric scraps from the crib set (quilt, sheet, bumper pads, drapery) she had made for Adeline, so I made a Big Shot Banner for her to have in her room that matches her crib set perfectly.

I used the Pennant and Scalloped Circle Bigz dies, and my upline Susan borrowed me the Bigz letters for her name. I sewed it all together with a zig zag stich and then added the accents of ribbon, brads and buttons.

A funny story about the banner. Some of you know my mom was a professional seamstress. She's very gifted in this area! I can sew, but I don't love it. I really wanted to do this banner - but it totally stressed me out. As I was just starting the sewing on Wednesday (I have my mom's old machine)....the stitching wasn't quite working right and within minutes pieces literally started falling off the sewing machine! I humbly called my mom and said "HELP! Can you PLEASE bring your machine over???" all was not lost! And I finished it! I love the coordinating accents from SU on it, I felt very good when it was all done.

And above all, my sister-in-law loved it. :)

Here's a shot from the party.

This table was mostly my mom's handiwork...can you see all the amazing food??? And one dish still wasn't on the table in this picture. All I made was a chocolate Skor bar dip for fruit and snacks and my daughter made Oatmeal Scotchie coookies and we made Chex Mix...but all that OTHER amazing food was my mom. Stuffed mushrooms, brushetta, chocolate meringue torte, fruit pizza, sweet and sour meatballs, ham spread....and on and on! It was a PARTY! YUM!

And here's the sweet guest of honor at the end of the day...she was so tuckered I held her till she fell asleep and then my husband cuddled her. Such a blessing!
Thanks for dropping by today!


Robbie ... said...

This looked like you had a fantastic, fun time! Little Adeline is the most beautiful in that last picture! TFS

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh she is PRECIOUS!!...I especially love that last picture of her where she's sleeping. Awwwww!

Your diaper cake and penant are BEAUTIFULLY done! I'm sure everyone was in awe of your talent.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

What a SWEET girl and lucky to have a wonderful party from you!

Kelly Lunceford said...

WHat a fun shower! Your banner is beautiful! I love it!

Desiree de Monye said...

The banner that you made is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable!! She's very lucky to have an auntie that loves her so much!

Anonymous said...

My letters are home safe and sound...and thanks for the gorgeous card. As soon as I saw the letters I thought, I need to look at Christine's blog to see if she posted pictures of the banner...and lo and had! I absoloutely love it. I'm inspired. Now, if only the time fairy would come grant my wish of many more hours in the day!

broni (waterchild12) said...

What a beautiful little niece you have!! I can tell that LOTS of LOVE went into this shower and all the gorgeous gifts and food!

Joan Ervin said...

OMG, Christine, what a little beautiful bundle of joy!!! You did a fabulous job on all the decorations for the shower...way to go, Auntie!!!

Rose Ann said...

Adeline is such a sweetheart!! I love your awesome banner, and your diaper cake turned out so wonderful!! The food looks yummy too!!

Jerri Kay said...

Christine, I'm sitting here pea green with envy. Adeline is most adorable and precious, oh so beautiful. There's nothing better to bring a soul closer to our Lord than a precious infant snuggled warmly to our breast . . . sigh . . . wish I could hold her and smell her sweet fragrance.