Monday, January 5, 2009


There's something so powerful and touching about unexpected, unmerited kindness isn't there?

We've been the recipient of kindness today in several places. I just had to tell you about them. (lots to look at here too...keep reading).

Today our kids are back at school, our youngest in Kindergarten is the *Star of the Week* this week. Part of being Star of the Week is that you get to take a special stuffed animal home and let him do everything with you, then journal about it. Our older two talk about this still as a highlight of Kindergarten :) So, it was so precious to see our little guy today bring *Katie Kitty* home, and to see his nurturing side come out. His sweet kindness "Katie Kitty, want to have a snack with me?", "how's your snack taste Katie?" Or the sweet way he'd bundle Katie up in the blanket. Sweet kindness shown in him. I just treasure it. husband had to go to the Dentist this morning to repair a tooth, the dentist is a friend of ours, I grew up with him, and we also both went to college with him. He asked if we'd like his hockey tickets tonight, he couldn't go! Tickets to an NHL game here are pricey, My husband said the price on the ticket is $94 each! What a kind thing for him to give us! My husband is taking our daughter. It will be her first NHL game and she's so excited.

And then....I received a very sweet package in the mail from a SCS friend. Dawn, and on SCS her name is flowergal36. She's SO talented.

A gorgeous card - just look at her beautiful coloring! ....AND an entire Gina K set! Oh my goodness! Just look!

Could it be more perfect! Flowers! And my first Gina K's too. I'm so using these tomorrow! Thank you again Dawn, so much! You're a sweetie!

And here are some other sweet things sent to me for Christmas from friends...wonderful handmade creations... ok...I had put watermarks on each one of these photos coming but they are not showing...I'll try and replace them later!

This from my dear friend Jodi Collins, or Kharmagirl as many of you know her. She is so talented and I treasure her friendship and the chance we've had to work together on the DD...and I sure miss her too. We don't get nearly as much chance to talk ...especially with her all the way in NY....and me up here in Canada.

Just look at her rich coloring and layering. I love Jodi's designs!

This is one from my friend here named Leanna. We've been friends for about 8 years and have stamped together for a lot of them, she calls me her *dealer* and I supply her with her *stamping drugs* (LOL). She's full of life, energy, generosity and creativity and has been a blessing in my life. And she tells me she reads my blog every day.....:) Look at the pretty sparkle on the Big Shot snowflakes!

This is from my new cyber friend, the wonderful Julie Koerber, or on SCS outtoimpress. She's our Design Team head over at Flourishes, but I'm just so very grateful that I've come to know her. She's so fun and full of life and warmth. And her talent is really wonderful. I love all the great creations she makes. Just look at the creativity to this card with the jewelled crowns, the glittery red paper, the cb and the truth of the sentiment too.

This one from a fellow SCS'er Joelyn, we *met* through a stamp set! She was asking about a retired set I had used, isn't it cool how you meet some people? Look at the pretty silver tree!

And this from another local friend, and a former youth parent. Her name is Dee and this also came with a very kind gift for our family. The blue paper is shimmery...really pretty IRL, and a nice layout too!

And last but not least...from my friend and upline Susan. She really has a way of making cards look so eye-catching. This combines whites, gold and vanilla and sparkle too. Very classy. She's such a kind upline too, always supporting her downline practically and personally. I finally figured out where I have all my glitter from - it's from Susan when she sends us monthly goal gifts!

All in the name of kindness. Warmed my heart today. I pray that I can extend kindness in the same way.

See you tomorrow everyone!


Julie Koerber said...

Awwww! Thank you Christine for the kind words!!! Really too sweet! I am glad you liked the card!

LeAnne said...

These are ALL beautiful! And thanks for sharing your family's kindnesses!

Jerri Kay said...

What a wonderful post Christine, you are indeed blessed! The cards are all so beautiful and wow your daughter's first hockey game, how thrilling and she gets to go with Dad, she'll treasure her memories! And I've got to go check out the Gina K set, I haven't seen that one and you know me with flowers . . . LOL!

Rose Ann said...

They're all so lovely, Christine!! Thanks for sharing them!!

Helena Harper said...

It's always inspiring to meet with kindness. I've been blessed with many kind people in my life, such as my physio, who is so generous with his time. I've often thought what it would be like if we followed his example:

'If we all gave of ourselves
as this man does,
imagine the world we would create!
Each of us treating strangers
as our other half,
where nothing was too much
for the well-being of another
and selfishness was forgotten,
a thing of the past...'
(from 'Family and More - Enemies or Friends?')

Thank you for sharing the kindnesses you have received.

Helena Harper

Jos said...

These are all absolutely gorgeous Christine. Thank you so much for sharing all the "kindnesses" you family has truly are blessed. I love, love, love the angel with the teapot on Dawn's card. Hope you day continues in this wonderful way.