Sunday, February 7, 2021

Reapers Hockey for Kids


A few weeks ago was my Nephew’s 10th Birthday.  He’s following in the family footsteps by being a lover of all things hockey.  My brother and our sons play on a ball hockey team (when you can actually play sports) called The Reapers. My brother and his friend designed some really cool jerseys for the team, and then also designed the same jerseys for my nephew’s ball hockey team.  When I saw this cute little hockey boy from Jane’s Doodles, I just had to pick it up.   It was a freebie!  What I had fun with was re-creating the colours and crest from the Reapers jerseys.  It’s a pretty small space, but I think I managed to give it the look of the jerseys, and my nephew recognized it right away.  

I added in the stencilled number to look like crested numbers on a jersey using Embossing Paste, and then added some star stencilling in ink as well.  

A wood veneer heart makes a cute tie in to complete the design.  

Here’s the Copics I used.  Personalized kids cards are always so fun to create!

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Leslie Miller said...

Cute spin on this darling image using your own colors and crest. It got me smiling!