Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hello Friends.  

If you could picture me in a sports car careening around the corner, screeching to a quick halt for this post and then speeding off to my next destination  - that would be an apt description of how the last few weeks have felt.  When my husband tore his right achilles tendon just over two weeks ago that was a significant bummer/interruption/not-what-we-were-expecting-for Easter event.  The further frustration for all of us is that because it’s his right leg and I’m the only driver  - all the things our kids and we were doing that we assumed could be split between the 2 of us are now up to me to get us to.  Our two boys are each in 2 sports this spring (not what we usually do - but we made that decision a couple of months ago when we assumed there’d be two of us!), our older son has a major role in the school play this weekend and our daughter is - well, she’s a girl that REALLY needs to take her driver’s test so she can go to her own places!  We’re in a really busy ministry season for me too with our regular youth events winding down, so there’s larger special events I’m working on like grad celebrations and year-end events that are full of extra planning details.  

So sorry - I really don’t mean to whine, I just mean to explain that I’m really behind, really tired, and really feeling like I’m dropping details all over the place.  So, if you’ve emailed me asking me a question or sent kind words, I’m sorry I haven’t responded yet!  

Last night after a very long day of Dr appointments, meetings and carting kids around we cancelled one sports practise so I had a free hour and I just really wanted to actually have some peace and create something....so I did.  Yay me! 

These are fantastic colours from The Cat’s Pajamas for their TCP Tuesday challenge and I need grad cards - so here you go!

I used the very adorable TCP set Away We Go! I think it’s one of my all time favourite TCP sets because of how great it is to colour.  And don’t these colours look great together?  I had a lot of fun with them.  The clouds are from another new TCP set - Flying By.  

The little strip of paper and the enamel dots are from the MME kate and co collection.  

Alright I’m speeding off again...thanks for sticking in there with me!


KarinsArtScrap said...

fab and beautiful card Christine.
love the colours you have used.

gr karin

Carole C said...

Love this card as always. Take some time for yourself and your family. We'll be here waiting!

Marisa said...

Bet you wanted to climb into that basket and fly away with the bunny ;) Sorry to hear about your busy life - know it well! We took the red eye home from Hawaii which I didn't sleep on because silly me drank half o fmy son's iced tea forgetting about the caffeine (don't do caffeine so when I do it works for a LONG time). Got back and about ten hours later had to take mom to Emerg and she was in hosp. all week so I was low on sleep and having to do her stuff, my stuff, the kids stuff, house stuff, shopping for food etc. You name it it happened. Soooo thankful she is at home now and doing okay :) Cheers (glass of wine clink to you) to a better week ahead!

Judy Sander said...

Christine, am praying for your hubby's healing. Times are hectic when schedules are interrupted with the unexpected, especially with active kids. But, I sense you are a "Super Mom", very organized and a survivor and we know these are the times when "All things work together for the good for those who love Him." Family first! God Bless you as you ride the wave and it's ok to vent. No apologies necessary. You're the sweetest! Hugs.

Leslie Miller said...

Christine, I feel for you. I'm stuck at work every day in an insanely busy environment and have to do everything else on my days off and after work, but at least it's somewhat structured and I know what to expect. I also have an ambulatory husband who is quite willing to help me out, and does so regularly without being asked. It still wears me out, especially after 30 years on the job. Just reading about your busy days is exhausting! I would not have been able to make such a cute and fabulous card in an hour. Love the colors and design as well as those cute clouds so perfectly placed. Hang in there!

Conniecrafter said...

that is just too cute, so glad you were able to get some time to play, hope things slow down for you soon and your hubby's foot heals quickly!

Linsey said...

Adorable grad card Christine! And I'm just sorry that you are feeling so stressed and rushed lately, and with your hubby's recent accident, I can understand how you frustrated you must feel at times. Life doesn't seem to slow down for us no matter what. I will keep you all in my prayers. Don't overdo it sweet friend. Especially this weekend for Mother's Day! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's day a wee bit early! Hugs!

Nancy Thomas said...

So glad you found some time to squeeze in this beauty. Gorgeous card. I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers for your hubby.