Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project 365 - Week 32

Hey there all of you :)  A good week at our place.  It was Vacation week for us - or as we referred to it - Staycation.  We didn't go anywhere because the thought of packing up again was just a little too much for me, so we did things with the kids around here.   I'll be honest, the hardest part of doing this 365 project some days is limiting myself to 1 photo a day.  When we do something fun how can I choose just one???? So, instead of 7 photos there are 9....and then a few extra at the end of some animals at the Zoo.  

Our youngest calls this his "comfy spot" in the tree.  He is just too cute some times.  

Caught this fly making a pit stop on my tomatillo plant.  

Some beautiful foamy feeling flowers - don't know what they're called though.  

Black-Eyed Susans that had taken a bit of a beating after a crazy hail storm.  

These next pictures are from our day at the zoo...we drove to Calgary and went to their really great zoo for the day.  They have a butterfly pavillion and a tropical plant pavillion so a number of these pics are of some of the exotic flowers we saw there.  

Yep I really took that picture.  I'm beyond happy with it.  The crispness to the flower with the faded leaves is so beautiful.  The light was really perfect.  

A little ice-cream cone for the heat.  

Thoughtfully waiting for our order at Peter's Drive In.  

We finally picked our cherry tree and got 50 lbs of cherries!  My mom and I (with a little help from the kids and my husband) made 10 pies, and 25  - 30 jars of cherry jam.  What a haul!  I'm feeling especially blessed by this.  It amazes me that a single tree can give that much bounty, when all we do is add a little water to it.  God is good :)

Alright  - to our little fieldtrip..

We had such a good day at the zoo, gorgeous weather, and it seemed that all the animals were out to visit.  We've never seen so many animals so close up.  

This is the boy elephant (obviously), he cracked one of his tusks, so the fashioned some caps for him to prevent any further damage.  They had to make 2 otherwise he'd have been side heavy :)

Check out this cool moth!  I LOVED the butterfly pavillion.  I was so fascinated by them and how they would lite on your hands or face.  They were gorgeous! 

Mama tiger, she has three new cubs too.  TOO cute!  They were hiding in the shade so I couldn't get a good shot of them.  

They have a brand new penguin pavillion that is spectacular!  I've never been that close to penguins before, and they had huge clear glass tanks and tunnels so you could watch them swim all over you.  The light was too dark inside the pavillion, so I didn't get any good shots inside, but this was fun to put the kids around.  

See you next week gang!


marcie s said...

Good Morning Christine:
Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Your photography is scrumptious. You could almost smell the cherries from your pie.
Thank you for sharing!
marcie s

Marisa said...

I looooved our time st that zoo. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.

Drummond (Québec)

Karen McAlpine said...

Great photos!