Monday, April 30, 2012

Gerbera Set

Hello on May Day!

I have a gift that my Mom asked me to make for her friend.  I feel so sad though, it was a friend who just passed away.  She will never get to see it.

My mom left a message on my machine last week bawling,  as the boys and I listened to it we had this freaky fear that something else had happened to my Dad, but it was my mom's friend who passed away very suddenly, and she was in shock.  They had just been together as couples the day before, and were supposed to have coffee that very day as a Birthday celebration, and my Mom was going to give this to her.  

My mom and this friend used to teach Sunday School together when we were very small.  They became very good friends and I have many memories of times together as families, the first time I ever had fondue was at their house and one year she was my Pal in Pioneer Girls (anyone else have that program growing up?).  She was always full of life and fun.  They never had children of their own, but it felt like they *adopted* some of us along the way.

As time went on my mom and this friend grew apart a bit, and didn't talk for a long time.  Then in the past year this lady went into the hospital.  I encouraged my mom to go see her there.  And it sparked their friendship again.  I said to my Mom, "aren't you glad you reconciled with her before this happened?"  She said it was all because I encouraged her to go to the hospital.  (I'm really glad I did, and moreso that my mom went).

Time is short friends.  And I'm so glad that my mom and her friend had months of a renewed friendship that meant so much to both of them.  That they didn't let the time pass by with something between them, that they walked into these days without regrets, and chose love.  Such a reminder not to leave things unsaid, or love and kindness unspoken.

My mom wanted something vibrant to match a card I already had made (see post here), and she wanted candles.  They turned out beautifully.  Sometimes candles don't turn out perfect.  If you get the slightest pucker in the wax paper as you are heat setting it transfers to the candle and can't be repaired.  These candles transferred beautifully.

I stamped these Gerbera Daisies in Memento Ink and colored up the images with copics (and a very light hand) onto the tissue paper and I was really pleased with how vivid they came out.

On this larger candle I wrapped two sets of gerberas around the design.

Alright gang.  I'm off to spend some time with my little family.  My husband and daughter have been away for 6 days as she had her HS Band Tour and Festival in Whistler BC, 150 band kids from her HS went and 4 of them were kids in our youth group.  My husband went along as chaperone.  They had a wonderful time and I missed them!  I'm so glad to have them home!


KarinsArtScrap said...

wow you have made this very beautiful christine.

greetings karin

Colleen said...

Your gift set is very Beautiful, love the colors. So sorry for your Mom's loss.

Anonymous said...

What a bitter sweet post. What a beautiful candle set!! How sad a loss for your parents and you but how wonderful that things were made right when they still could be. Blessings on your day.
Beth Greco

Wanda Cullen said...

What a special and absolutely gorgeous gift set! Love the rich purples in the daisies! Somehow I think your mom's friend is "seeing" this and smiling!

Marisa said...

Your gerbers are stunning! Love that flower and the set is amazing. Soooo sad to hear the recipient will never get to see it...your poor mom... Yes, life is short and we need to seize each day! Glad the trip to Whistler went well and everyone is home safe and sound.

Conniecrafter said...

Oh my this is a gorgeous set, so sorry to hear your mom's friend didn't get a chance to see them, so glad they were able to get back together.
I was in girl pioneers growing up in my church also :)

Karen Denson said...

These candles are beautiful. I am so sorry your Mom's friend will never be able to see them. Please give my condolences to you mother and I will say a little prayer.

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Love your daisies, so beautiful in purple

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Well, this is a lovely gift. I'm sorry the recipient won't see it in person, but I'm sure she is looking at it from up above.

Maybe your mom can keep it in her memory, or give it to her friend's family.

It's just gorgeous!

Dawn B. said...

This made me cry.. What a sad situation. But I know she is in a better place. I LOVE the vibrancy on the candles. What fantastic memories your mom will have of their time together all because of one visit. Great job.

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Christine these turned out simply gorgeous. She may never see them now and I am sorry to hear that. Maybe it will be something your mom would like as a reminder of her friend. I am glad you were able to talk her into reconciling also. Hugs...