Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project 365 - Week Seven

Back for another week of photos from our life!

February 12 - Valentine's for our youngest.  He was such a happy heart getting all his Valentine's ready for his class.  :)

February 13 - Sunrise here at the house overtop of the trampoline :)  I have to say it was my beloved that took this picture because I wasn't up yet!  

February 14 - What's for supper?  Smashed Potato Soup.  One of our family favourites.  It's like baked potato in a soup form.  Because of my braces we had supper at home as a family instead of going out for Valentine's.  

February 15 - The side view of a card I had made last week.  I loved all the dimension on this cute little scooter girl.  

February 16 - Flip Flips at Old Navy.  I had to return something and saw this display of flip flops there. Doesn't all that color make you wish for spring?  

February 17 - Playdough with the cousins :)  This is the first weekend since 2011 that we have off.  No youth events this long weekend and we had some time with my family.  The girls were playing with playdough and our daughter made my niece some "glasses".  

February 18 - House of Boys with Nerf Guns - We definitely have a house of boys.  Boys obsessed with nerf dart guns.  They saved up some money and bought two more today, so they did a little display of the 10 they have.  We have a shooting the mama!  


Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Great pictures Christine. The nurf guns really had me giggling. That is so my house. I should have the boys line up theres and take a photo to sendyou. hee hee
How goes the braces? I see yu had soup on Tuesday, great choice. Having a hard time eating or just toughing it out and eating anything regardless? I am not that brace. ha!

Marisa said...

Fun pictures. I had a big giggle at the nerf gun as my son has one and takes target practice on just about anything - though we have told him the cat is off limits LOL! Hope the braces don't hurt quite so much...hugs!!

Joan Ervin said...

ewoWhat wonderful pictures, Christine!!! I so understand not getting up to take the sunrise pic and the nerf guns crack me up!!! My boys used to have lots of little boy toys all over the house and now their sons are doing the same....tooo fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Christine, I'm totally loving your photo challenge. Great to document the daily events of your life. I especially love the 2nd picture of the Alberta sky! What a beautiful picture. There's just something about your sky that draws me. I'm thrilled to say that I'll be seeing it again soon! Flying into Calgary on Feb 27th. A friend is having her second heart surgery at Foot Hills Hospital.
Beth Greco