Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Happy 2012 Friends!

How was your New Year's?  We had a nice time at supper with some friends and then came home so our daughter could have her friends over.  They want to stay up till all hours at night.  I'll probably toast the midnight hour with my beloved and head to bed :)

This year I was finally organized enough to collect together some of my favourite creations from this past year in one place to show you.  Problem was....I couldn't always choose just one favourite from each month!  Is that bad?  It feels like you're choosing one kid over the other!  Some months I appeared to be more creative than others too.  I'll show you some today and some tomorrow if that's alright with you :)  At the end of my 12 months I'll have a contest on what's your #1 favourite, and then I'll give away some blog candy.  Sound alright?






DottyA Cards & Things said...

Will so far March Poppies are my fav... I don't know how you pick just one either.. you have tons of beautiful work to chose from....can't wait to see tomarrows!

Karen McAlpine said...

Beautiful collection of projects. The colors are just gorgeous too. I found it very hard to select on fav of the year. I ended up picking 25. LOL. Happy New Year!

Tanya said...

OH these are gorgeous!! Happy new year!

Marisa said...

So many wonderful cards, Christine. Love the first one flashing some Verve :) No worries about the extra cards, I had a few too LOL!

Theresa said...

Hi Christine -

What fabulous cards! I totally love all of them too.

Happy New Year!!

mary said...

Christine you have been busy! It is hard to choose just "one". So, these are ones I like and why: stamping in the snow, cause I love the blues; dramatic black, cause I like the color combo and the embellies; journey in a jar, cause it looks fun and I love balloons; and poppies in dimension, cause I really like the stamp and the soft colors. So, there you go..too many beautiful cards..thanks so much for sharing!

Linda Carson said...

It's fun to revisit your beautiful artwork! I'm sure you had a hard time picking favorites! They're all lovely!

Joan V said...

March Poppies are my favorite here. I love the colors and this card is so soft.

marilew said...

I absolutely LOVE your work! These are beautiful works of art. Thanks so very much for sharing :)

Leslie Miller said...

It would be so hard to narrow it down. Your cards are all so beautifully done, whether flowery and gorgeous, or something more whimsical. I love them all! It was utter delight seeing all your selections!