Thursday, October 9, 2008

Totally Random

Well my friend and fellow DD girl Joan Ervin over at Stamping with A Passion tagged me a while ago. So here are 7 Fun and Random thing about me...

1. I have a keen sense of smell - that can be both good and bad! (ha ha) My brother and Sister-in-Law went to Texas last week and he called me and asked "Want anything from the States?" was so random, and he'd be fundamentally lost in a Craft Store so I couldn't tell him anything stamping related. But he persistently said, "Didn't you like something at Williams-Sonoma?" (I honestly think this was my SIL remembering this). I said "Oh yeah! They have wonderful pine smelling pump soap!" look what they brought me! Seriously, it's so yummy and warm smelling that I'm not sharing it with my family. If I could make a scratch and sniff blog post I would so you could share in it's wonderfulness. And look at the cute holder!!

I love the smell of pine. And along with the theme of pine.....

2. Somewhat under protest we bought this 2 days ago.

All my life I grew up with an artificial Christmas Tree that was - well, frankly, ugly. You know the one where the branches look maimed and you stick them into holes in the pole...ewww, it ends up looking like a skinny plastic green monster. As a child - outside of the presents underneath it I wasn't ever a big fan of it. I always begged to have a REAL tree. So I said to myself that one day when I could choose - we have real trees in our home. And for the 14 years we've been married we have, I love the look, that you never know what you'll be getting each year...and the PINE smell :) I'm not a big fan of the daily watering and vacuuming of the needles however . But see then last year my parents bought a NEW artificial tree, pre-lit too...and it was actually so pretty! It looked like a real tree! So I gave in. They were at Costco and my husband bought one. My compromise is that we'll have a pine wreath for the smell.

3. We took our kids to a CFL (Canadian Football League) football game last weekend. For 2 of the kids (oldest and youngest) it was their first professional live game. They had SO much fun. Especially our daughter! She LOVED all of it. Our 5 year old also said in awe "It's SO BIG!" (The stadium holds 60 000 fans I believe and we were up pretty high). We had a great night - even if I'm not a huge football fan. Here's a funny pic of my daughter and I there. She took it with her arms out in front of us. She really doesn't have a double funny. Even funnier...I'm wearing her hat....her vest....and her shoes. Talk about reverse parenting!
4. I have been on a cleaning/organizing binge lately. I have cleaned my bathroom and kitchen from top to bottom and organized all my cupboards. Seriously, I was appalled by how much outdated...STUFF we had. Medicines, ingredients, things that said "refrigerate after opening" that I never noticed (oops!). In 14 years of marriage you accumulate a lot of stuff. I am now beginning to realize what I really need, what I really use and have TOSSED the rest! I had bags of garbage for the curb from these ventures. It feels so good to have clean cupboards again, very freeing! :) much more stuff to my desk and craft cupboard.

5. I made Thai Chicken Drumsticks for supper last night. We got a new spice packet sample in the mail, isn't that random? All you add is vegetable oil, lemon juice and soy sauce. Marinate, and bake or grill. It was good too. I love Thai food. It's my very favourite ethnic food. They have recipes for Pad Thai (my personal favourite Thai food), and some other yummy things too! I'll be buying this.

6. I read in both my boys' classrooms this week. It's Read-In-Week here, focusing on Literacy and guest readers in the classroom. In our Kindergartner's class I read Elliott Gets Stuck and in our 4th Grader's class I read 2 chapters of Prince Caspian. :) I really LOVE to read, and so do the kids. Today is "Bear Book and Blanket Day" at their school. They can come to school in their PJ's bring a stuffed animal and a book, and we have they all gather in the gym to read. It's SO cute. This is a silly picture of them getting ready for PJ Day. One has a stuffed Shark ...the other a stuffed Penguin.

7. And last but not least, I am turning 40 in exactly 20 days!

Now I'm supposed to Tag 7 other bloggers, ok, well I won't have 7 but you'll all enjoy these....some are new to blogging so go give them a visit!

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Jerri Kay said...

Oh my gosh, Christine, you're right! Joan did tag me and I haven't had a chance to participate. I'll try to get that done today! This will involve some thinking . . . hmmm!

I love all your pictures, I just got some of the Williams-Sonoma pine dish washing liquid last week, I love it and get one every holiday season, you're right, it is very dreamy!

I love football! I love to go to the games! SOOOOO much fun! That's a super terrific picture of you and your daughter!

Joan Ervin said...

Yeaaaaaa!!! You did it , Christine!!! What a wonderful write up....sounds like your life is fun, full, and busy!!! I love the pictures you and your kiddos are mighty purty!!! Oops, tell the boys I said they were handsome!!! Thanks for the tip about the WS pine soap. We are going to Austin next week and may have to take a side trip to the WS outlet store!!

Betty Wright aka gbedwright said...

Christine, WOW!!!!!! You have been very busy!!!! Oranizing and buying a tree, reading to kids at school. Thanks for tagging me!!!!!! Joan tagged me a few weeks ago and I did not know how to play. I just say 7 things about myself......and tag seven others, right? Oh, sounds simple!!!!! Love your site!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie- justwritedesigns. said...

Thanks for tagging me, Christine. I loved reading your 7 things. Gosh, it took me forever to come up w/ 7 when I was tagged. Funny you mention the keen sense of smell. My sis is like that. I, on the other hand, have NO sense of smell. Literally. Totally lost it a long time ago. Sometimes, that's a good thing, lol. You have such great pics and really cute kids.