Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Gratitude Project - Week 9

\ˈgra-tə-ˌtüd, -ˌtyüd\

The quality of being thankful:  readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. 

Today I’m grateful for Signs of Spring!  

In the office I share with my co-worker, she has a lovely Christmas Cactus that I watched begin to bloom this week.  They’re such a unique plant when those little blossoms start to open up.  It’s such a reminder of life beginning to bloom and be vibrant again after a long stretch of stillness.  I’m grateful for those colourful reminders of hope.  

This crazy kid is someone I’m grateful for.  He is our youngest and he’s a little excited about spring because that means ball hockey season is about to begin.  He’s been working all fall and winter doing a paper route with his friend and has been earning some of his own money.  He saved up enough to buy himself a new hockey stick that he’s thrilled about.  It’s more expensive than one we would have bought for him, but because he diligently worked to earn the money for it, he could make that choice for himself.  He’s so thrilled to be able to have it and already be dreaming about the goals he’ll score with it.  He said "mom take a picture”,  on the way home from the store, "I want to see how good it looks!"  I’m proud of his persistence and work ethic and to see how what it means to him to be able to then do something for himself.  Good life lessons.  

And here’s another reminder of spring.  I looked just yesterday and realized that my tulips have started to come up beside the house.  It’s the earliest I can ever remember them popping their little selves above the ground, but we’ve had a really mild winter.  I know many of you probably already have yours blooming, but here in Northern Alberta this is unusual.   Tulips remind me that there is new life after hard times.  When the ground gets warm, hope will spring up again.  So many metaphors to life you could find there.  Snow and rain may still come this spring but their persistent little selves will continue to shoot up and bring colour again.  I’m so grateful for signs of spring.  

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craftyd said...

Looks like you will have cactus blooms for Easter. I had a Christmas cactus that my MIL gave me when we got married, I started a new plant when our daughter was born and it didn't bloom until she turned 21 and probably only bloomed then because I took my plants to a friends house while we were building a new house and living in the garage.
I have some daffodils peaking out too. Can't wait for spring flowers.
I hope your son has a good hockey season.