Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Gratitude Project - Week 3

The Gratitude Project.  

\ˈgra-tə-ˌtüd, -ˌtyüd\

The quality of being thankful:  readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.  

Here we are at week 3 of my photography project for the year!  This week was a very hectic one for me.  I’m a person who has a hard time winding down at night, and I’m a pretty light sleeper too.  So don’t get me started about the 3 am call we had one night from that was a scam....sorry off topic!  One of my favourite ways to wind down at bedtime is this week’s thing I am grateful for.  

Reading is one of my treasured activities and something I’m so grateful for!  These are my current reads in the picture above.  At night, to help me wind down, I read fiction.   It’s nice after a long day of helping solve problems at work and home, to enter into someone else’s world for a little bit and not be responsible for what happens :).  Of course, because I read at night that also means it takes me a couple of weeks to work through a book because I get about 10  - 20 pages in and I’m out like a light :)  Works like a charm for me!  

I just finished Kate Morton’s The Lake House a few days ago.  I liked it so much I read it twice back to back.  I’m very fond of books that weave in mystery, unexpected twists or secrets and then I find myself having to go back and read it all again to see how it all came together - once I know how it ended. Anyone else like that?  I want to know how the clues led to the final story.  This book like most of her books also goes between two stories  - current day and sometime in history and weaves that together.  

I don’t read a lot of general popular fiction, but Kate Morton is one of my exceptions.  I’ve read all her novels she’s put out so far, but the one I like the best is The Forgotten Garden.  Man that one knocked my socks off when I put the pieces together.  Highly recommended!  She weaves character and plot so beautifully.  

I’m currently reading Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden.  It’s another of my favourite genres, Historical Fiction.  It’s set in 1898 New York between a family home owned by a very wealthy Dutch family (a little bit like the Vanderbuilts), and also has the backdrop of the early roots of what became the National Weather Service.  I’m about 60 pages in (so about 3 nights :) and so far so good.  

For non-fiction I have to read during the day, not at night!  I picked up The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.  One of my new areas of responsibility in my work is working with women and I knew this would not only help me, but also really be a good book to share with others.  It’s really good.  The premise is living out what it looks like to invest yourself in “your best yes”, and what it means to feel the freedom to say no to what isn’t really calling your name, or the best way you’re wired or called.  As women who strive for far too much all at the same time it has some great stuff in there.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the book. 

As always, you’re always welcome to join me in The Gratitude Project :)  But whatever your day brings I hope you can choose to have eyes that look for something to be grateful for.

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Marisa said...

Love Kate MOrton's books! Haven't read this one yet and can't wait to do so.