Saturday, August 2, 2014

Beauty Captured - Twenty-Nine

Hi ya friends!  Doesn’t it seem hard to believe that it’s August?  For us summer is already more than 1/2 over.  Sigh... I wish it could last longer :)  We’ve been having beautiful sunshiney hot days and we’ve been trying to put some fun in each day.  Hope this finds you well in your neck of the woods too!  

This week we went to our friends pool twice.  Once just me and the boys and once with a bunch of friends for a pool party.  My friend has some fun plants that I don’t have so I took a few pictures.  I think this is honeysuckle.  

I captured this dragonfly on the raspberries and I wanted to do it so quickly that it’s underexposed - but I actually really love it this way!  Happy accidents in photography are fun :)   I love the drama of all the black and the transparency of the wings.   

Here’s what the next shot looked like properly exposed - because he stayed put for me.  

Enjoy your Sunday.  I’ll be back this week with fun stuff from The Cat’s Pajamas, SCS’ Dare to Get Dirty and Power Poppy!  

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Karen McAlpine said...

Awesome photos! I can smell the raspberries and honeysuckle; and hear the buzz. LOL