Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beauty Captured - Thirty-Three

Hello friends!  I’m back with another round of pictures I’ve taken recently.  Many of the shots this week are of our time in my husband’s home town in ND.  

Hollyhocks at sunset.  They are my Father-in-Law’s favourite flower, they are so unique standing so tall in the garden. 

Dill :)  The flowery blooms of dill fascinate me.  As soon as you have it in your garden it can take over.  Even in this picture it looks like a sea of dill  - despite the fact that my Mother-in-Law has pulled so much of it out.  

More pretty hollyhocks.  


Trailing geranium.  I love these next shots I captured of the trails and the deck bannisters.  

The kids went tubing with my husband’s cousin and kids.  They are so good to us and whenever we come we always do something fun together.  Some of these shots I overexposed - and even so - some turned out cool with that look.  

Haha - this one is not the best shot on a crispness level - but it’s fun to show how much our older son was up in the air.  

The brothers :) I especially love family road trips for the bonding time you have together.  

Our youngest waterskiied for the first time and got up on his 2nd try.  He did great :)  

My handsome boys :)  

And finally back at home where we came to find a gabillion more mosquitos than we left, and these crazy grasshoppers.  They really are beautiful when you just look at them - the colours and markings are so unique - but YUCK.  I don’t love them.  


Marisa said...

Fabulous photos!! Love the one of the dill and the tubing. My kids recently got to go with some friends and I wish I had captured one of them flying up off the tube. Great shots of your boys too :)

Conniecrafter said...

Beauty captured that is for sure, looks like your kids had a great time!!