Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beauty Captured - Week Twenty Seven

It was another beautiful week in my neighbourhood.  The weather has been gorgeous this summer.  We’ve enjoyed the long days and lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.  

I have a few pretties to show you today.  

Beautiful sunshiney lemons.  I’ve been drinking a lot of water with lemon these warm days.  

I helped a friend who is moving to cut a bunch of vinyl for her kids new rooms in their new home.  It was a fun day, and to say thanks they brought me 2 dozen roses!  Her 6 year old picked them out and they’re gorgeous and fragrant.  

There’s just nothing like an unfolding rose is there?

Speaking of vinyl - here’s some I made for our front door the other day.  A nice touch I think!  My husband and I just celebrated our 20th Anniversary a few weeks ago!   I feel very blessed that God established us together as a family 20 years ago!  

Our front yard swing, our son has spent many hours reading out here this summer already.  

I transplanted our two rose bushes in the fall and both are doing well, this one especially and these buds are starting to open up.  

My peonies are late in blooming this year, this one is just starting.  I transplanted them a year ago and they’re still a little young feeling here.  But they’re my grandma’s peonies - so it makes them special and I’ll baby them just so that it will thrive.  

Tomorrow at Church I’ll be giving out this gratitude book.  Our Senior Pastor has been on Sabbatical for 5 months and filling in for him much of the time we’ve had a semi-retired Pastor preach each week.  He’s challenged us as a Church, and individually in some really significant ways and I’ve really appreciated him, we put together this gratitide book for him with notes from people in the congregation.  I decorated the front window a little with some TCP and Power Poppy Stamps, it just makes it a little more special.  


Marisa said...

Gorgeous roses and love the swing photo. A fabulous idea with the gratitude book too!! Sure he will treasure it for years to come :)

D- said...

LOVE your BEAUTIFUL photos.
I bet he will LOVE the gratitude book with those priceless notes.
Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs,

Rosy Newlun said...

The lemons make my mouth water! Don't you love all flowers? Your roses and that peony -- I can't wait to see if you upload a pic of it fully opened. Peonies are my favorite right behind the hydrangea. TFS!!