Saturday, June 7, 2014

Beauty Captured - Twenty Three

I’ve actually got some photos to show you today!  They are all around the events of the past 2 weeks, and all family stuff, so feel free to pass if you want, but these are the little bits of us that have kept us going the last little while!

Our daughter had her commencement and graduation from HS just over a week ago.  We’re really proud of her accomplishments.  She's graduating with Honours with Distinction and she was chosen for a scholarship from the school for going into Elementary Education this fall.  It was a total surprise to her and a lovely blessing.  

And only 7 more years till this guy graduates!  He was testing out the mortor board early :)

Our beautiful one in her graduation gown.  She looked so lovely and grown up :)

Father & Daughter! 

Our daughter and her best friend, the other twin best friend wasn’t there yet for pictures.  

We took pictures at the Legislature Grounds where the Provincial Government meets.  It’s really pretty there.  But imagine 700 + grads and their families in one spot taking pictures.  

Four of the 5 best friends in the crowd.  Such beautiful girls that I’m so glad our daughter has been surrounded by.  

First Dance...Father and Daughter.  You can just see the remnant of his boot cast he was still wearing!  

The grad banquet was located at a spot on the river valley- really beautiful location, and the sun was beginning to set in the background.   

Now for the son!  He just had his grad celebration for Grade 9 last night.  

So proud of this guy.  He’s grown into such a young man of character.  

He looked so handsome in his vest and tie.  

After grad we took him out to eat and his small group leader from Church that is so special to him was I had to grab a pic of them together.  

My brother in law and sister in law and their 5 kids came to celebration graduation, 2 of our son’s birthdays and our daughter’s final Symphonic concert.  These kids love each other so much!  

My youngest nephew on this side LOVES trains, we took them to our historic park one day and took in all the sites from our city’s history, including the steam train and trolley, he loved just sitting on the boardwalks and watching for them.  

Our son turned 15 and we had both sides of our family over for supper, it was a very full house.  It was so fun to see both sides of cousins having fun together.  Here listening to a story read by the biggest cousin :)  

And here was the amazing final Symphonic concert.  After 3 years our daughter is done her HS Symphonic career!  This is a stunning concert hall and you can see our daughter on the right toward her conducter.  It has been such a rich time for our daughter and she speaks of it as the biggest highlight of her HS years.  

So there you have it!  Thanks for dropping by and celebrating with us!  


Marisa said...

What a wonderful set of photos! Congrats to your daughter on her grad and her scholarship :) Love the pics of the proud parents with her too!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Christine, what a beautiful blog post filled with lovely photos of these two marvelous graduations and the family fun that was had! And what a blessing God has given you as a family! May He continue to work in and through each of you! And so glad you DH is on the mend and has a boot now! Hugs!

Davi said...

Lots of Fabulous memories captured in all the wonderful pics with your family, symphony, and the graduations!! Your son is a handsome young man and you daughter is beautiful Christine, she looks SO much like you!!

Lynne said...

What a beautiful family and such good memories to have. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Bobbi Miller said...

Christine, your blog post is beautiful. I just adore seeing your family photos...they always make me feel so wonderful. You have a beautiful family; your daughter is gorgeous and your sons and so handsome. Well, they sure would be...look at their Mom and Dad! :-) Thanks for sharing your life with us. Oh, and I do love your card of course!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Oh my word... After I am done crying (serious) what a beautiful young woman she has become. And I had the honor of meeting her in person!!! :-) Christine I am so happy she got a scholarship and she knows what she wants to do with her career. What a blessing indeed! Your sons are just too darn handsome, adorable with the hat on too! hee hee Glad you shared girlie. I feel like I know them even more after YS, ya know...

Liz Williams said...

What a lovely family and congratulations to your beautiful daughter! I was thrilled to see she is going into education. It was a wonderful place where I spent 3o of my happiest years of my life. May she find it rewarding as she touches the young lives she will influence.