Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beauty Captured - Twenty

Wow, five whole weeks have passed since I’ve brought any photographs to this project.  That says a lot about what’s happened in the last 5 weeks.  Thanks for your patience with me as we try to “be normal” in the midst of all this :)   My husband has 3 more weeks in a “Robo-Boot”, and then hopefully will move to about 6 weeks of physio.  Our youth events wrapped up this week and now we’re heading into spring/summer mode which has less programming.   And hopefully in the next weeks I’ll do some catching up in between graduation, family visiting and sports.   

These are random shots of the past week or two :)

Our daughter’s graduation pictures came in!  Obviously not taken by me :)  She’s such a beauty and we’re so proud of her.  Graduation ceremonies start next weekend with Commencement and Banquet Friday/Saturday.  Her dress just came in and my Mom is hemming it this week!  She’s going to look beautiful.  

A new retainer :)  He’s been such a trooper about it!  I just LOVE this little guy.  

My little guy and I in matching metal mouths :)  I have about 3 months left with my braces (hopefully!) so we had to take it to show our matching style :)

He and his uncle’s kitty on Mother’s Day.  

Our older son is playing Slo-Pitch this year on the school team.  A surprise to him, they asked him to be pitcher.  It’s been YEARS since he’s played but he’s having a great time.  

The play :)  Our older son was in the school play as well and played the evil villian.  That’s him in the red cape with his “brother” the King.  He did such a good job.  He has an “alter-ego” voice he uses often and he’s so good at it and SO funny!  

A number of his buddies from his small group in Youth came to watch the play as well as his small group leader.  Such great guys he’s so blessed to do life with.  

And this grin in the back row is so typical of his personality.  :)

One of the highlights of my week was going to see Steven Curtis Chapman in concert here.  He is my all time favourite artist, and the concert was amazing as always.  The first time I ever heard him in concert was in college when my best friend and I drove 3 hours one night to see him.  We had so much fun and stayed after the concert to meet him.  He has such authenticity and humbleness with such great talent, this new recording Glorious Unfolding is fantastic.    In the picture, he’s center stage in the vest sitting on the stool and playing his guitar.  A fantastic night of celebration and worship and fun!

I think fallen tulip petals are so pretty so I quickly grabbed this shot too!  

Thanks for dropping by for a peek.  Have a blessed Sunday!


Judy Sander said...

You have beautiful children! Can see you are so proud of them.
God Bless You and hope hubby is doing well.

Marisa said...

Great shots of the kids :) They grow up soooo quickly!! Love the tulip petal shots too. My favorite flower and it's sad they don't last longer than they do. Enjoy the rest of your long w/e.

Conniecrafter said...

Congrats to your daughter on her graduation, sounds like the kids are keeping busy, which keeps mom busy :) wishing your hubby a quick recovery!

Bajalizzy said...

beautiful daughter, handsome sons, nice looking group of children. Love the tulip photo.