Monday, April 7, 2014

Beauty Captured - Green

Here is the last installment of pictures from our trip to Vancouver Island.  Since my favourite colour is green, I thought I’d devote a whole day of pictures to the colour :)  On the day we went to Tofino we stopped at Cathedral Grove to see the massive trees and forest.  I thought I had landed myself in the land of fairies or Narnia or The Lord of the Rings.  It is absolutely magical to see the green forests of giant trees and moss covered branches with emerald forest floors of ferns.  Enjoy! 

Is that amazing?  

On the way to Cathedral Grove, we stopped quickly to see the mirror effect of Cameron Lake.  We were blown away by how clear and still the lake was and the perfect mirror images in the water.  

This is what Cathedral grove is full of....pathways through beautiful forest.  The effect of the moss growing on everything is really amazing.  

How the sunlight hits the forest in different ways makes you stop and take your breath over and over.  

The forest is full of giant Cedars and Douglas Firs, some up to 1000 years old.  Some like this tree have rotted in the middle or have even had a fire in the center of the tree and yet the outside can still live another 100 years.  

I took so many pictures of pretty moss.  My Alberta spring is still brown, but this acid/lime green colour of the moss made my little heart dance.  Aren’t you just looking for little fairy houses in the scene?  

A spide web catching the sunlight.  

The trees are massive, I’m sure not as big as the redwoods in California, but still you can see my family of 4 doesn’t even make it half way around the tree.  

This tree is the largest one in the forest, I think not only because of the width of it but the height too.  I think they call it “The Giant” 

Our daughter doesn’t love it being two years older, but they look so much like twins these days, though our son is quite a bit taller than her now!

A view up from the forest floor!  Probably 16 stories high. 

My sweetie and I.

This picture is off the creek that runs to the ocean on the property of the house we stayed at.  It was fun to listen to the water running when we sat in the hot tub (so nice) and to hear the frogs croaking.  

A fence to the creek.  I love natural fences like this with bent branches.  

At the beach near where we stayed we found this little treat, an overgrown remnant of an old house that must have been torn down or burned down.  Just look at that ivy growing over the fireplace. 

I had to include one more of the beautiful forsythia.  

And a smiling face in the sunshine from me!  Thanks for indulging me on my photos!  It was fun to share.  And I’m right - right?  You want to go to Vancouver Island now???  :)  

I’ll get back to some card creations shortly!  


Conniecrafter said...

Yes I want to go :) what a lovely trip!!

Leslie Miller said...

Christine, your photos are all amazing! Your two posts are two very different representations of the island and both show how truly grand and splendid it is. I have been there a couple of times, but your stay really gave you the chance to soak it in. I wouldn't want to leave! I'm glad you had such a lovely trip, and equally glad you took the time to share the photos. It must have taken forever to sort through them and choose which ones to share!

Bobbi Miller said...

Oh my Christine! Such take my breath away! You ARE right... I need to take a trip here for sure! Add another item to my bucket list! It is us...who thanks YOU, for sharing your gorgeous photos of you and your family and your wonderful adventures! Truly, God is Amazing...He made all this beauty...and I thank Him every day for having the eyesight and ears to see and hear it all! Hugs!

Gretchen Wilson said...

Beautiful pictures, they remind me of our vacation last summer in SF when we went to Muir Woods. The trees are breath taken. You wonder how they have stood so long. Thanks for sharing all of these pictures.

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow stunning scenery and trees Christine.
you make such gorgeous pictures.

gr karin

Carole C said...

One photo is more outstanding than the next. TFS

Marisa said...

That lake picture is AMAZING!! Fabulous shots of Cathedral Grove too! Love going there and have a picture of the kids trying to span that big tree and in the hollow tree too :)

Judy Sander said...

Your cards are beautiful! What brand of Kraft paper did you use? I like it's texture a lot.
Thank you for telling us what Camera you use. I would need to take a class as I don't understand camera words. Yes, digital are easier, but they don't take nearly as beautiful closeup shots. You have a lovely family!! Been to Vancouver Island. It is beautiful there. Our California Redwoods are comparable I would say, maybe just more of them. Isn't nature the most beautiful thing in the world!? Thanks for sharing! You are a blessing.

Jerri Jimenez said...

These pictures are fabulous! The forest reminds me of Muir Woods near San Francisco. I kept looking for the woodland elves to pop out. Gorgeous pictures Christine. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.