Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Power Poppy...Now Blooming!

The day is finally here friends!  The countdown is over!

We’re so excited to begin to unwrap the beautiful Power Poppy Package.  I’m so proud of what is coming your way in the next week.  I think you will be so touched by the innovation, the artistry and the heart behind this venture and behind the lady who’s starting it.

For the past ten days the fabulous and fierce Bloom Brigade (a.k.a. the Power Poppy Design Team) has been busy suggesting all kinds of fun and downright goofy things to get you moving and grooving to the Power Poppy beat. Behind the scenes, we've been sweating the details, keeping it real, and loving every minute of it. While you can see a sneaky peek above of what's to come above in the days ahead, today the beautiful mistress of ceremonies, Marcella Hawley herself is going to tell you all a little story -- HER story -- of how this beautiful company came to be! Be sure to stop by HERE to read all about it!!

See you back here tomorrow!

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Liz Williams said...

Wow, how exciting this is! I have always been a huge fan of Marcella's artwork and am thrilled she is venturing out with this new direction. I look forward to some great stuff.