Saturday, March 8, 2014

Beauty Captured - Ten

We’ve had a bit of a nutty week here.  All three kids had ear infections in both ears and our youngest son had pinkeye (gross, I felt so bad for him).  On the plus side we did get a lot of dedicated family time as they were all home from school and I got a lot of good cuddles with them.  It’s amazing how big they are becoming, but when they’re sick I’ve got my babies again :)  I really did enjoy the precious moments with them this week.  Not much else got done though!

Last Sunday afternoon, before the sickness started we went to our niece’s 5th Birthday Party.  One of the family friends set up a photo booth for kids and parents and printed all the pictures right there for the gang.  What a hit that was at the party and such a kind thing for him to do.  Can you spot all five of my family?  And woo what a hottie my husband looks like with that California spiked blonde hair under the visor :).

I did wrap up a LOT of packages for the post office selling stamps and goodies.  The post office lady knew exactly who we were by the end of the week :)   THANK YOU to so many of you who bought things!  I know you’ll enjoy them, and I love the extra $ for debt reduction.  We’ve made a committment to be on a new budget and put every extra penny we can toward being debt free (God willing) a year from now. Ok - we’ll still have our mortgage.  But not having anything else to pay off will be a wonderful thing.  We’ve been doing it for 4 months and I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made.

I still have quite a bit for sale - so peruse if you’d like :)  HERE, HERE and HERE.


Maria A. said...

Hello Christine: Well, I hope your children are feeling a lot better now, it's not fun when kids get sick, in so many ways, you feel helpless.
I love that picture of you all dressed up and having fun, this memories will be cherished for always.
Well, I can wait till my Flourishes stamps get here, I've been checking my mailbox daily so I hope this next week they will arrive. Thank you for selling them Christine, all of them were on my Flourishes Wish List but I didn't have a chance to grab them before they were gone.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Maria Rodriguez, from Crown Point, IN.

TLady said...

HOW FUN!!!!:) WHAT A SUPER PICTURE!!! I DO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN about kids when they're sick...being your babies again! LOL When their hearts are broken, they want their mama's too!!! Especially our girls, I'm learning!!! KEEP your stamps up for sale if they don't go quickly Christine, you NEVER KNOW when SOMEONE will want them!!!!!!:) WHAT A FABULOUS COMPANY!!!!:) You were SOOO BLESSED to have been with them!!!!!!!!:)BLESSINGS!!!!:)