Saturday, March 1, 2014

Beauty Captured - Nine

Working through Psalm 119.  

I especially loved this passage “I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free”.  Listen to the beauty of that truth.  I love the word picture of running and freedom in it.  That’s real liberty!    

The boys had their playoff games Saturday for Winter Ball Hockey.  Here’s a few pictures from the games.  Our younger son on team black #24 above has had an amazing season.  Not only did he lead his team in scoring but he also led his whole division in scoring.  He said it was the most fun season he’s ever had in hockey.  They lost today and got Silver - but he has this wonderful happy heart, just grateful his Grandma and Grandpa and sister were there to watch the game.  

Almost scoring...

There were only 3 subs for the game today.  He was double-shifted the whole game.  My little guy ran his heart out.  Here he is with one of his coaches on a rare shift off.  Doesn’t he looked pooped? 

This is a fun shot.  Our younger son on the left getting ready for the medals, and his older brother #80 in the green getting ready for his medal game.  They had games back to back.  They had just fist pumped each other :)  Hockey is something they love to share in common and older brother has taught younger brother SO much.  He’s a great player because of his brother’s investment in his life.  

My beautiful little guy’s smile at the end of the game shaking his coach’s hand.  

Here he is with his buddy from the team.  Those two were a GREAT pair to watch.  They really lit it up this season.  

Our older son’s game.  He was playing Center and won every face-off today, and he was playing with a double ear infection too.  His season compared to his brother’s on the other hand was a lot tougher.  He was on a team without a lot of depth and players that didn’t have a lot of experience.  The poor guy only won one game this season.  It was really tough to watch for such a competitive guy.  We kept reminding him it was character building and that God would teach him something from it.  He carried himself with character all season and I’m proud of him.  

He played so hard today that he lost a shoe in the middle of the game!  Hysterical.  He kept playing without the shoe too, he even blocked a shot with his sock foot.  So funny.  

Tough season, but I’m so proud of my kid.  

So blessed to parent these kids.  And blessed that they have the privelage of playing sports with such skill and for all that it teaches them.  

See you Sunday night when I list all my SALE items.  I have 130 sets from various companies and then copics and a few other goodies to sell!  And no I’m not quitting stamping for those of you who’ve asked :)  Just paring down a little!  

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Marisa said...

Love seeing shots of your family. Well done to your son!! That is an impressive season. Sorry for the hard season your other son had - they are never fun but you can learn lots. LOVE the "oh mom" face of your youngest when he was sitting with his buddy LOL! Great verse to meditate on too :)

Patti Willey said...

What a sweet post thanks for sharing!

Maria A. said...

Christine, this pictures of your children are amazing. How fabulous they are learning the ups and downs of practicing a sport, this teaches them how to win and loose with honor. This memories will be with them all of their lives.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful snapshots of your beautiful kids doing what they do best, being KIDS.

TLady said...

We can tell you are SOOO PROUD of your boys!! AND that is as it SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!:) We're going through some "character building" things here too! SOMETIMES, it's SOOOOO HARD on them, isn't it? You just want to SQUEEZE THEM & MAKE THINGS RIGHT!!! BUT, that would defeat the purpose!!! LOL LOOOOOVE your pictures & the scripture you've chosen for today, Christine!!! I LOOOOVE how scripture can apply to ANYTHING we go through!!!!!!!!!!!;) GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!BLESSINGS!!!!!!!:)