Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beauty Captured - Seven

Good day to you!  How has your weekend been?  We’ve had a busy week of shopping for grad dresses for our daughter (ordered one!), youth activities and sports...even a dance for our middle son.  I captured a few things along the way. 

Remember that spring basket I took pictures of in the last weeks?  Well the tiny little flowers were not grapevine hyacinth, but crocuses.  I should have realized that....they’re just so pretty and delicate.

We’ve now officially passed the days of making Valentine’s for each class member with my kids, but at our youngest’s request we made cookies for the class.  It was fun to have him do the baking. that smile :)  

The cookies really turned out great.  Chocolate Chip.  Our favourite recipe from my mom.  My mom is SUCH a good cook.  Really I know I’ll never match up to her skills.  

And this handsome young man got asked to the Valentine’s Dance at school by a girl.  It’s been soap opera central with girls lately, texting, facebooking....all drama I could do without if you ask my honest opinion.  The funny part is that it’s caught him totally off guard, girls beyond friends had not really been on his radar yet.  (Seriously they are SO forward - if you have a teen you probably know this - and I know it too - it’s just a whole different ball game when it’s your own son!).  I keep reminding him that it’s only just beginning.  We had some VERY funny conversations as a family about all of this and how he could handle it.  He was a very wonderful gentleman though and I was very proud of him, he was very clear with the girl that this was just “as friends”.  All of his friends went together with “dates” and had fun.  But LORD help me!  I know I’m in for it!  :)

Thanks for popping by friends!  Blessings on your Sunday!


Marisa said...

I just love crocuses. Had a friend who planted bulbs in her yard so she had them sprouting in her lawn at the beginning of spring - was such a lovely sight! Cookies - yumm!! Oh yes, I am dreading the next few years as the girls come a calling on my son. Polite, well mannered boys are magnets! Lots of talking will be done in house indeed :)

Phyllis Rodriguez said...

sounds like you are handling it just fine with your son.

the cookies look great . i make chocolate chip cookies also ,but they do not look that good. could you by chance put your mom's recipe on line or send it to me .. .. thank you in advance .phyllis

Phyllis Rodriguez said...

Looks like you are handling things with your son just fine.
I make chocolate chip cookies also , but they do not look that good.
could you please put your moms recipe on line or send it to me at .
I thank you ion advance .. phyllis

Regina Hamilton said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I've already been through that with the girls and my step-son. Girls ARE really forward now days. Have LOTS of talks at home, even if it makes you uncomfortable. You would be shocked at what girls do to get a boys to like them. The older he gets, the worse the girls become.

TLady said...

LOOOOOVE your pictures ALWAYS, Christine!!! From flowers to sweet ones making cookies!!!;) AND as for your older son, we're there too! Our son is in college--a Senior now, & has had to fend off girls that had more than "friendship" in mind! I too was VERY PROUD of him for how he handled it! It TRUELY IS like a soap opera!!! Our daughter is at college now with him & one of the girls has become friends with our daughter....the drama continues!!!!!! LOL

Bobbi Miller said...

Well... of COURSE you're in for it...look at how handsome your son is? LOL Yes, I remember those years; I had the darndest time trying to keep my teenage daughter from running off to get married, and my teenage son...well, never mind. LOL It all worked out though so try not to worry. Like that's really going to happen. :-) Your photos always inspire me, both in their colors and the inspiration they show as your close knit family. I have always said I love your Sunday posts. Blessings to you and your family.

Lenoria said...

The cookies look delicious and both children are adorable! Your oldest son is very handsome. You are in my prayers to sanely get through the next few years!!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

hee hee Those cookies look yummy and are you sure he wasn't eating any of the dough? He has a snicker in that smile of his. ACK!!! Please tell me that I have a few more years, ugh! I am so thankful that he is not interested yet, still too young. I will pray for you for sure as I don't know what else to do. ha! Hope he had fun at the dance though.