Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beauty Captured Two & Three

Little bits and pieces of Beauty Captured from the last two weeks.  

Some pretty flowers my husband gave me.  

Our daughter holding the sweet little Baby Shower honouree :)

My focus was just slightly off for this photo, because you have to bounce the little guy to keep him content, but isn’t it just the sweetest thing when  little one holds your finger or hand?  I know it’s an automatic response, but I think it’s God’s way of bonding you to that little person and showing you how dependant they are :)

So, we have these plastic dishes from Ikea for the kids’ breakfasts and snacks.  I really like to stack them by colour.  Anyone else a little OCD like that? :)   I just love how the colours look this way!  

Hope there’s lovely bits of beauty surrounding you today!  Thanks for stopping by.  


Marisa said...

Oh that pudgy little hand is just precious!!! LOVE the little roll babies get! Great shot of your daughter holding him too :) OCD stacking dishes - too fun. I do the same with our plastic cups.

TLady said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!! :) sigh! Little ones are SOOO PRECIOUS!!!:) AND when they're grown...OH YES! ESPECIALLY IF they're YOUR OWN!!!!:) TOO FUNNY with the dishes! I just want to get them in the cupboard! LOL OR get them OUT to fill!!!!!!!!! :)