Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beauty Captured - One

Happy Sunday Friends,

It’s the start of a new photography year for me today!  I have hemmed and hawed about what I wanted to do for this year’s photography project.  Two years ago I did Project 365 a photo every day of the year, last year I did Photography 52 which was photos of the week from our life.  All were fun, but I wanted to try something different this year, and I want to continue to grow as a photographer and as an artist, as well as continuing to learn my camera better.

So, today I begin “Beauty Captured".  I’m going to try and capture something beautiful each week and show it to you.  It might be one thing, more than one thing and it might even be about my family, but I want to stretch in my photography a little more.

That said, it was a cold and busy week here…I don’t have a lot to show for my new idea!

Except this fun photo:

We have had double the usual snow this winter already.  Our youngest son was kind enough to go out in the backyard yesterday to start clearing off the trampoline of snow.  If it gets too heavy it’s really hard on the tramp.  So, because we’ve had melting and then lots of snow, hidden in the frozen ice on the bottom of a layer on the trampoline was this leaf :)  A fun find for him. The texture of the trampoline is also frozen in the block too.  

Here he is hard at work pushing out the snow - and that’s just what’s fallen recently!  :)  Too cute.  

I’ll be back next time with something a little more ambitious hopefully!  


Barbara said...

Wonderful picture of a very sweet young man. Your photo captured the moment beautifully.

TLady said...

BEAUTIFUL FITS!!!!!!!!:) Such a HARD WORKING one you have there, AND to have found you this block of ice with the leaf too??? PRETTY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!;)Our daughter would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to be in the midst of all that snow!!!!!!!!!!!!:) She PRAYS for snow!!!!!!!!!!:)STAY WARM!!!!!!!!!:)

Marisa said...

Great idea for 2014 :) Love the photo too.

Bobbi's Paper Trail said...

Yipeeee!!! I am so glad you are continuing your beautiful photography for us. What better way for us to "meet" you and your family, and your lovely surroundings. I couldn't be happier, and that handsome young man, is so adorable! Thanks for the beautiful photos... Hugs! Try to stay warm...