Saturday, December 7, 2013

Photography 52 - 49

I think that one thing I have learned from photography is to see and appreciate the beauty that’s around you in new ways.  From noticing the vastness to the tiny details, I suppose in photography terms that would be the macro and micro, I ‘ve learned to see differently.  Once you catch something visually in your frame it can make a statement, evoke a feeling, capture a memory and I have truly loved that.  

This past week we had a staff retreat in a Rocky Mountain town called Canmore.  We’ve gone there for 9 years now at this time in the calendar and it remains one of my all-time favourite places in the world.  The majesty of the mountains at all times of the year is special but in winter it takes on a whole different appearance of stillness and beauty.  

Friends and I went out on a photo shoot one day for a short time.  We’ve had unbelievably record-cold temperatures the last few days (-30’s Celcius), so we bundled up in many layers and I almost froze my fingers off, but it was SO worth it!  The hoarfrost touched every little detail of the landscape and the crispness of the air and blue skies were gorgeous.  It will definitely get you in the Christmas mood!  


My favourite thing from our photoshoot trip was how the hoarfrost touched the wild wheat that grows along the valley.  It was incredibly beautiful.  

The Bow River was steaming.  Amazing that it still stays warm enough not to freeze over in such cold temperatures.  

Inside the house we rent are lovely decorations that suit a mountain home.  These trees are so festive and rustic.  I love capturing the small details that are beautiful.  

A wood garland that hangs over the loft bannister.  

A lamp shade.  The detail on the leather ties is so pretty.  

And my friend’s knitting.  A loving work of art from her hands.  

I hope you have a chance to take some moments to see and enjoy the beauty around you today.  Blessings friends!


Marisa said...

Just today we were gazign at the snow capped mountains in our area - stunning against the blue sky! Love the horror frost pics and those beautiful, rugid mountains!

TLady said...

WHAT STUNNING PHOTOS OF GODS' MAJESTY CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOOOOOOOVE the MOUNTAIN PHOTOS!!! Here, we don't have any snow, BUT EVERYTHING is coated in ICE!!! It's like FINE CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!:)

Bobbi's Paper Trail said...

OK...these photos are just stunning Christine! You will never have to worry about having a job...because photos like these belong in a gallery! They capture nature so beautifully and each one brings something to it that just touches me! It's no wonder your cards are so great; you are truly Blessed with the gift of beauty! Awesome!

BJ Searcy said...

Love your beautiful photos. God put it out there and you made art! Thanks for sharing.

Silke Ledlow said...

Christine, you are such a talented photographer...the photos are amazing...and I love how you captured the beauty of your surroundings :) !!! ~S~