Saturday, November 30, 2013

Photography 52 - 48

How about a little look into what it’s like at my house when I try to take family pictures of my clan.  It was my husband’s birthday and this is how it went...

Kids settle down, let’s take a nice picture…my husband reaches over to touch our older son on the shoulder to get him to sit back.  He takes it as someone attacking him :)  Plus the little one is just a goof ball.  

Next middle son trys to hug his sister.  She obviously doesn’t want to be hugged by him.  

Next, of course they can’t all work together and have nice smiles, someone in there (who loves drama, can you tell who?) has to make some goofy face.  There is never a dull moment with him around.  

And this was as close to a nice shot as we could get.  Sigh.  I love my family.  They make me laugh.  

Concert season is starting!  This is our daughter’s fingers in action playing flute in her Symphonic Concert.  What a beautiful night of music it was.

And the last game of the playoffs for the VB team.  Our son was #8 the setter.  He played every single game except one I think.  Really proud of him.  

A little tip over the net...

And the team picture, some nice kids on the team.  I enjoyed watching them play this season.  

Thanks for dropping by today!  Only 4 more weeks of this photography project!  


Marisa said...

Great shots. Family pictures can definitely be a challenge. Fun to see the progression LOL! Great set of pics :)

TLady said...

SO TYPICAL of son's & daughters/brother's & sister's!!! Our kids do THE SAME THING--- Our son has let us know, our daughter runs up to him at college & throws her arms around him & hugs him. He's older, & he doesn't like it! ALTHOUGH, when he did throw his arm around her once at school, our daughter was SURPRISED!!!!!!!!She told me she thought, "Where's my brother? And what did you do with him?" He knew she was having a TOUGH TIME of things! They may ACT like they don't love each other & bicker & fight, but they REALLY DO LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!:) I LOOOOOOOOVE to hear of the little SURPRISE MOMENTS of them showing love to each other! It makes a mom SMILE & BE PROUD!!!!!!!:) SUPER PHOTOS TODAY CHRISTINE!!!!!!!:)

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Super cool photo's, the kids make me smile and think about YS. Happy belated birthday to hubby! ;-)