Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photography 52 - 47

Our own personal Narnia lampost :)

The snow was flying this week.  On the day I took the photo here it was like cotton candy all day.  I wish I could capture just how beautiful the big flakes and stillness was.

As much as it means it’s colder, and it means shovelling and driving in snow…there is a beauty to it that is wonderful.  And when the Bible talks about Jesus making us whiter than snow, I know exactly what tham means in real life.

And because of all that snow, I took inside pictures the rest of the week!  This week it was of our hosueplants.  Our new little Christmas Cactus is beginning to bloom and is it ever pretty!

That single blossom is the first one to open fully - isn’t it gorgeous?  

This one captures the delicate sparkly-silvery veins on the petals.  Lots more about to bloom soon!  

And here is the lovely lipstick plant blossom too.  

I’m not terribly great with indoor plants, but these two seem to be surviving me :)  It’s nice to have some touches of green and colour blossoming during the winter!  


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful photos!!!!Have a Blessed Day!!!

TLady said...

BEAUTIFUL NARNIA LAMP POST CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!:)I THINK you've CAPTURED the SNOW FLAKES WELL!!!!!!!:) AND when you make mention of "Jesus making us WHITE AS SNOW," I ALWAYS think of CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP---& their little book of colors they use to explain GOD'S WORK in making us CLEAN!(& after school Bible Lessons in our home when I was growing up!) :) You do better than I do with HOUSE PLANTS! :) BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!:)STAY WARM!!!!!!!!!!:)