Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photography 52 - 46

It’s the theme of NEW this week.  

We were finally able to see our friends’ sweet new son and snuggle him.  He is absolutely beautiful.  I would likely think most babies are beautiful - but there are some that just seem so perfect and he’s one of them.  Tiny perfect little head, velvety blonde hair…sigh.  Babies are so special, and especially when they belong to someone you love so much.  I was overcome with joy and emotion to meet him and to see his mom and dad as parents for the first time.  


And asleep again.  I love their sweet expressions in sleep where you get an early glimpse of what it will look like when they smile.    He did that quite a bit as we were holding him.  So delightful!

Beautiful blessings.

It has been quite a crazy weather week, we’ve had it warm, then rain and yesterday and today….lots of new snow.  It was really coming down when I took this picture of our backyard.    It won’t be long and I’ll have to get the kids out there to shovel off the trampoline!  Crazy to drive in and shovel, but it’s fun to be honest, and very peaceful looking.

Happy Sunday to all of you!


Marisa said...

That first baby picture is soooo cute!! How special to share in the parents' joy :) Love the snow picture - love watching falling snow. Shovelling, that is a differnet story LOL!

TLady said...

I AGREE Christine!!! BABIES ARE SOOO SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!:)Blink your eye's & these little sweeties are GROWN!!!!!! :o HE IS SUCH A CUTIE!!!!!!:) AND your've gotten MORE than we did the other day!!!!! We're back to warm today & rain later! :)HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!:)

BJ Searcy said...

What a special little angel, he's so handsome. Love your back yard with the snow, beautiful.

Silke Ledlow said...

Oh my...he is so precious! All of your photos are awesome!