Saturday, November 2, 2013

Photography 52 - 44

Hello friends!  A quick photography post tonight.  Won’t be long and this project is done for another year.  

This past week we celebrated my birthday, my mom’s (the day after mine) and we threw in our daughter’s from a few days ago.  

So here’s my girl and I that night.  

And my sweet little guy again.  I just adore his goofy self :)

And here’s us three birthday girls laughing about my nephew starting the birthday song for us!  :)  He was so excited about the cake!

Sunrise Saturday.  Now it’s unusual for me to see to see a sunrise on a Saturday (or most days for that matter :)  I’m not a morning person!  But Friday/Saturday was another volleyball tournament.  I spent 4 hours in the gym Friday and a crazy 10 hours in the gym Saturday.  I’m so tired!  And he played great too, and I’m sure is much more tired than me!  The boys team earned 5th place, and the girls were playing for gold when we left.  


Marisa said...

What a fabulous picture of you and your daughter! You look fabulous in it :) Darling little guy and how fun to have three birthdays so close together so you can have a big celebration together. Gorgeous sunrise too!!

TLady said...

You ALL look FABULOUS for your Birthday Celebrations!!!!!!!!!!!:)
AND your Sunrise photo is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK at ALL THOSE COLORS!!!!!!!!!!:) I enjoy seeing Sunset pictures---I TOO, am NOT a morning person!!!!!! BUT, this LOOKS LIKE I need to try to get up earlier sometimes! :) Thanks for sharing your talent with us Christine!!! :) (P.S. Received my set of Flourishes stamps! :) THANKS CHRISTINE!) :P

Ava Gavloski said...

great photos, busy family, great journey