Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photography 52 - Weeks 40 & 41

Hello friends :)  Lots of shots from the past 2 weeks today...we were gone to a work conference last weekend, so that's the reason for the delay!

I thought it would be fun to take a few pictures along the way of the rebuild at our Church.  We've torn down our 1940's wing of the building to reconstruct.  We've been planning this project for years, so it's really special to see it start to take shape.  This is the great big hole where the demo was and the new part of the building will go 3 stories high.  The building you see on the right is our Sanctuary above (the 3 brown double-wooden doors) and the basement below where our largest other room is that we used for gatherings, meals etc.  It's just bizarre to see it all exposed like this...this was interior of the building!  They're now digging massive post-holes into the ground to put concrete forms for our foundation.   We're prayerfully hopeful that snow won't come early this fall so that we can get the foundation laid and get moving on the shell of the building.  We hope to be back in by next September. husband and I headed to our conference, in lovely San Diego.  Never a tough place to go to!  The sun, the palm trees and those ocean breezes are amazing.  The hotel where the conference of 2000 youth workers was located has some beautiful vegetation and flower gardens.  I love the hibiscus (above) and rose gardens (below).  

Amazing roses.  So many colours too.  

Just caught some water in mid air dripping and splashing from the fountain.  Pretty and peaceful.  

The ferns were really lovely growing up the stairwell.

I thought the iron grating on the stairwell made a pretty shot with the ferns growing in between.  

Mission Beach is about 15 minutes from the hotel we were at, so with a 2 hour break one day we headed over there for some sun.  The weather was beautiful in San Diego over the weekend - mid 30's Celcius and blue, blue skies!  

I thought these two had just the right idea...camped out at the low tide line.  

Though I probably prefer the Caribbean ocean for its turquoise colour...this blue is still gorgeous!  

Love how this shot captures the busyness of the beach and yet the solitude in the foreground.  

This is shot a little more into the sun, usually a no-no for photography, but I love the sparkle effect of the sun on the water.  

And once again on the way home, a plane change in Seattle allowed us to see Mt. Ranier almost at sunset, which was just beautiful.   This one shot is with the iPhone, so it is a bit grainy.  

Thanks for stopping by this week! 


Marisa said...

Great shots of the foliage and love the picture of the sun reflecting on the water. Fabulous picture of Mt. Ranier!

TLady said...

You're SOOO GOOD at photography Christine!!!!!!!!!:) WONDERFUL PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!! :) HOPE you've returned home RESTED!!!!!!!:)