Saturday, September 28, 2013

Photography 52 - Weeks 38 & 39

Hopefully this finds all of you well on this Sunday!  Hard to believe another week has come and gone, actually two weeks since I've posted pictures.   Last weekend we took all of our JH & HS Students to our camp for our Kick-Off Retreat.  Such a great time.  It's my favourite way to start a ministry year with the students.  So...I have a few pictures from camp, because its so beautiful.  This is a view of the little chapel from above the camp on the ridge.  I love that they painted the door red this summer!  The camp has a lot of property that's gorgeous.  The main camp is down below in this area just to the right of the picture, then up above on the ridge is where the high ropes course is and the campfire that overlooks the valley.  The little creek runs through camp and I love hearing it trickle from the different lodges where we stay.  We had amazing weather for the retreat once again.  And as you can see by the pictures, the leaves haven't really started changing yet.  We're having a really lovely late summer.  

One of the things that surround the camp are tons of aspen trees, or birch or poplars.  Their silvery  bark is so pretty in a forest setting.  This is the path on the way up to the campfire.  

This was a sunset this week right out our front door.  I wish I would have been on the roof, it would have been a better view :)  

And just a few seconds later....the richness in the colour changes again.  Beautiful end to the day.  

A nest had fallen out of our tree earlier this week, long since abandoned, but it just looked so pretty and yet primitive in it's construction that I had to snap a shot.

Ladybugs!  Today when we were working on our yard we looked at our maple tree to find hundreds of ladybugs, lots of baby ones too.  


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Love the picture of the birch trees!!

Judy Sander said...

OOO! OOO! OOO!!! Love the beauty of this place.......pinetrees, aspens, bridges and sunsets. The trees look so healthy. Large batches of pine trees in the Pacific Northwest and then adjacent Eastern States are diseased and slowing dying. It is sad to see. Thanks for the pictures...and inspiration too.