Saturday, August 24, 2013

Photography 52 - Week 33 & 34

Hello friends!

I had zero time last week for photos, it was the last chance for us to finish up last minute things around the house and with the kids before we headed back to work.  But I have lots of photos this week.

I snuck in on our youngest son one night after he'd fallen asleep.  He still has that baby face, and how precious is a child sleeping?  I realize that the days as him as my "baby" are going quickly.  It's good to capture some of these moments.  

My mom's dahlias are just beautiful still.  So much more abundant in size than mine, of course I was gone for a month and she feeds hers plant food.  Aren't the colours in this one amazing?  

Here is a dahlia bud, do you see the little ant in there?  I wonder if it's like peonies and they need the ants to help them bloom.  

We had gone to help my dad cut down his cedars in front of their house.  As you can see they had long since grown too high and were becoming straggly.  So my husband did the chainsaw and my dad and our oldest son pulled so it would fall in the right direction.  I love seeing my son right alongside of my dad.  

He was just so happy to have them cut down, so I'm glad I captured this smile on his face.  

While they were cutting down trees, my mom and I were making cherry pie filling with the cherries from our tree.  

It's all in the eyes.  When you can capture light in the eyes of your subject - it's always great.  This son of ours has grown SO much this summer.  Taller than me, and growing every day it seems, with a new tone in his voice :)  

Oh I just love these little toes of my nephew.  He was perching on tippy toes to try and help his daddy open birthday presents.  "This one daddy!  This one next!"  

Reading with the big cousin is always fun for a little princess.  My big princess enters grade 12 this fall, and I can hardly believe how quickly it's gone.  

More and more candles on that cake for my brother.  The little guy thinks he's helping blow too :)  I love his little face!

And that's what this week looked like from my view!  Thanks for joining me!


marcia sydness said...

Good Morning Christine:
Wonderful pictures! Your children have changed so much over your blogging time - especially the little one - I remember him jumping on his trampoline and now he has become a teenager.
You should be a very proud mother!
Thank you for sharing!

Evette K. said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us. Where is the picture of your daughter? Your son is way too cute and is gonna break some hearts very soon. I too am trying to capture more everyday events as they do "fly" by so so fast. Thanks again, evette k.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful photos,Beautiful family,Thank you for commenting on my blog,Have a Blessed day!!!

Mickie said...

Great pictures and a beautiful family!

Ava Gavloski said...

great family post... love it.
thanks for posting and visiting my blog appreciated

Marisa said...

Just LOVE that first picture! They are so precious when they are sleeping. Wonderful family times indeed :)

Bobbi's Paper Trail said...

Christine, your photos bring tears to my eyes. Honestly, these are so beautiful. Such wonderful family memories you are capturing. Thanks so much for a beautiful Sunday. Gud truly is awesome!

TLady said...

SUPER PICTURES CHRISTINE!!!!!!:) I was busy taking pictures of our kids new dorm rooms, yesterday & today!:) AND trying to stop the tears of our daughter who will be a freshman in college! I think it's Mom's turn to cry now!!!!!!BOY! IS IT QUIET AROUND HERE!!!!!!