Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photography 52 - 35

Woweee, welcome to September!

Tuesday begins school the last days of summer freedom for the kids are drawing to a close.  We're back at work, but we're enjoying the warm summer weather, and can already feel the chill in the air at night.  

This week was a milestone for our Church.  We began demolition to make way for a rebuild!  The 60 year-old portion of our Church is being take down and we are reconstructing a more usable facility for where our ministry is now and will be into the future.  We're pretty excited  - but a little wistful too.  The Church isn't a building - it's the people;  but we've also got a lot of fond memories here in this building.  Like, the spots our kids went to the Nursery and Sunday School, taking books out of the Library...meals and fundraisers in the old kitchen...meeting people in the foyer, all the behind the scene spots the kids discovered over the years - now needs to give way for new.  So, even though demolition day was our day off, we had to go by and check it out.

Hearing the wood beams splinter and crack was pretty amazing.  It was so well constructed all those years ago, almost entirely by volunteer labour.  I'll be so excited in a year or so to see our new facility and be back in the building.  Right now we're meeting in a school during construction.  

One afternoon this week, we went with some friends to a small town near here that's near the river.  We brought a picnic along and let the kids goof around.  These kids have been friends since birth.  They had fun wading in the shallow water, skipping rocks, and generally just enjoying the day.  

Hope you enjoy this first day of September in your neck of the woods.  Thanks for dropping by!


Marisa said...

Was part of a tear/down rebuild of a church I attended a while back. Was a strange feeling. The grade 3 class I was teaching had great fun drawing on the walls (had to be a Bible story image or verse) with felt markers the last Sunday we taught in our Sunday School class :)

marcia sydness said...

Good Morning Christine:
I received my stamps from the prize - Thank you so much - they are lovely and am so excited to use them.
I love your pictures and your daughter is so darling - she seems to be a good sport - always so many boys and so few girls her age!
Love that you share your outings!
Marcie S

TLady said...

How EXCITING Christine!!!!!:)You all probably feel a little like you've got a Home Missions Church meeting in the school building! Of course, I do know what you mean about the memories in the old building....NEW MEMORIES will be made! SUPER PHOTOS!!!!!!! :)

Dawn B. said...

We are raising money to build a new church here in NC. Our church has gone from 200 members to 1000 members in a few years. I think times are changing and I am so happy to see more people in the pews every Sunday. What beautiful pictures Christine. Good luck with your new church building.