Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photography 52 - 21

Last weekend was a long weekend for us and our oldest son asked if I thought our maple tree could finally hold a tree swing.  I said I thought it might and that maybe that should be his weekend he took it on with the help of his sister.  

And here he was this week enjoying some reading time sitting in his swing :)  I was pretty proud of the work they put into it.  It's a nice cozy spot in the shade for swinging your cares away!

Have a great weekend friends.  Look foward to catching up with you next week!


Marisa said...

Such a great picture!! Love that swing too!

Rosy Newlun said...

Sweet - swing, maple tree, shade, summer, healthy son -- ahhh, life has it's precious moments!

TLady said...

I LOVE that swing too!!!!!!!! :) AND thought it is SUCH A NICE PICTURE TOO!!!!!! :) LOVE that your son is READER!!!!!!!!! :) READING is GOOD!!!!!! :)

Bobbi Miller said...

Beautiful swing....beautiful son. What an outstanding photo, both in color and black and white. This is a keeper make sure you show to his family when he gets older. Beautiful!