Saturday, May 11, 2013

Photography 52 - 19

I hope this week's photography post finds you well!  We had a good week here, lots of activity with the kids.  The weather was nice and my husband and I took our bikes to the river valley one day to bike the trails.  It's one of the the prettiest parts of our city, and it was fun to adventure to places we hadn't been before.  It feels so good to enjoy spring! pretty between our house and our neighbour's.  See the teeny tiny bug?  

Target in Canada!  Woo Hoo!  Of all the stores that are American based, the one I have always wished would come to Canada has been Target.  It was one of my very favourite places to shop for just about anything when we lived in the US.  When they announced that they were going to be opening stores here in Canada I was SO excited.  And, when the first ones opened this week in the city, we were there the very first day!  :)  It was a little nutty with all the people - but I am a happy camper that I can shop there now whenever I want.  

Lavender.  This will be for my sister-in-law tomorrow for Mother's Day.  A lovely lavendar plant.  

If you're a Mom...Happy Mother's Day, and if you are able to celebrate with your own Mom cherish it!   Our guys will be making us a yummy lunch and I'm looking forward to spending it with my Mom, and my kids, I am very blessed as a daughter and a Mom.   Thanks for stopping by today!  


Marisa said...

I'm excited about Target opening here too! We have a bit to wait still - about a month I think, but can't wait :) Lovely flowers! I just LOVE Spring!!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful photos!Happy Mother's Day!

TLady said...

I TOO, like Target! Even though, I'm in the States, I don't get to Target enough anymore! They're too far away! :( AND your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! :) LOOOOOOVING Spring here, even with all the rain we've been having!!!! :)