Saturday, April 27, 2013

Project 52 - 16 & 17

The week before last week my husband and daughter were off on band tour and it was just me and the boys, so I didn't have many spare minutes for photography this week I'll show you two weeks of pictures.

The week with me and my boys was filled with sports.  The boys are both playing ball hockey again, and our older son is taking golf lessons for the first time.  So I did take some pictures of those events - they have the feeling of motion to them - mostly because the boys move too fast for me!

This is our little guy carrying the ball up the ice.  He is one speedy runner that's for sure and though he's in the younger bracket of his team, he's a very strong player.  I love his heart and how much he puts into each shift out there.  

Golf Lessons.  Our older son is learning proper technique for hitting the ball, what a great way to start the game, and my husband will be glad to have a golfing partner.  His coach is a pro-golfer, and the group lessons were really reasonable too.  Bonus!

Our older son in the red at the faceoff circle.  I love how his character shines on the ball hockey ice.  He is a leader.  His best position is centre but he'll play anything you ask of him.  I'm proud of the asset he is to his team.  It is his favourite sport of all the sports he plays.  God has gifted him with a lot of athletic ability, but ball hockey is his baby :)

I bought myself some tulips the other day.  Makes my little heart happy.  So I was playing around with my portrait lens in the next few pics.  

Just look at the triangle that forms in the bottom of the petals in this orange tulip - it's almost neon green to orange!  The light comes through the bottom of the petals where they don't overlap each other and gives this kaleidoscope effect that's amazing!  If you click on it you should be able to see it better.  

And in a different light the same tulip with the focus on the petals, not the inside.  They really are beautiful!  


TLady said...

SUPER PICS CHRISTINE!!!!!!! :) LOOOOOOOOVE the motion in your boys photos & the differences in your tulip pictures too!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! :)

Marisa said...

Yeah for boys in sports :) Glad they are leaders on their teams and enjoying what they play. Tulips are my favorite flower so loving those pics too :)