Saturday, April 6, 2013

Photography 52 - 14

Just a few more pictures from Easter this week.  

I'd love to say that my kids are always smiling and it's easy to get a picture of them together....however its more like -----> this next one.

Yep - ^ that's what it's far more like :) SHEESH

I made them sit until we got a good one of our family.  

Easter Eggs in my mom's crystal

The Girl Easter Egg Hunters.  

Two of the boy Easter Egg hunters.  My nephew 'got it' way more this year...last year he was a little lost.  This year he had so much fun looking for eggs.  

And this little guy thinks he's grabbing grandma's stash of eggs.  BUSTED!

Love this picture of the little guy :)  

Reading to the cousins :)

Love this one.  


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures - it looks like the little guy is missing a tooth - that means he is growing up MOM- how sad- we like to keep our babies- babies!!!!
The family picture is fabulous! You look so pretty in that green.
Marcie S

TLady said...

LOVE your pictures Christine! :) What fun moments to capture! You have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!! :)

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Wonderful pictures Christine. The boys so remind me of what mine do for pictures and well all the time. ha!