Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photography 52 -12

I have some fun pictures to show you this week.

After Blizzard #1 - (we had second one this week too).  We have the kind of trampoline that can stay out all year, but when the snow gets too deep I have the kids shovel off the tramp so it doesn't get too heavy, so our older son is tossing it out the top.  See the drifts at the back of the fence?  That's a 6 foot fence too, and another 10 inches probably fell on Thursday.  

My little artist - Our youngest loves to stamp too, he'll often ask to pull out the supplies to create something, and since he's an experienced little guy with a blogger mom, he wanted to make sure I showed it to you too :)  I thought his little flags were so cheerful.  

Pizza Pasta - we've really been enjoying sabbatical so far and have had more time to try new recipes.  This one was a pizza pasta casserole for supper one night that tasted yummy.  

Friends - I am so blessed to have friends near and far that have been so supportive the last months when my husband was in the hospital.  These two cards were from 2 of my Flourishes friends, Julie Koerber and Heather Jensen.  Gorgeous work don't you think?  

Salsa Verde - Oh MY.  A little backstory here - one of my favourite things we've tasted in Mexico over all our trips for me is Salsa Verde.  Literally Green Salsa.  It is so delicious!  The Mexicans make it spicy - but not so spicy that you can't handle it.  It's made with Tomatillos which have a very unique citrusy taste to them.   Mexicans eat it with tacos, or chicken, or many other foods, and they always make it fresh.  My husband found a recipe for it the other day and he tried it out because our older son was representing Mexico in his school's culture fare this past week (and needed some authentic salsa).  It was the closest to Mexican Salsa Verde I've tasted, and I've been enjoying it ever since!  Those are authentic Mexican corn tortillas on the side too, we just cut them up, throw them in the oven and then dip them.  One of my favourite tastes this week! 

Selfie - I haven't done a selfie in a long time.  I got a new haircut and thought I'd show it off.  :)

Thanks for stopping by friends!


Bobbi Miller said...

Love you family photos, the cards and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new haircut! Hugs!

TLady said...

I NOTICED your NEW HAIR CUT! :) By your top photo, in the upper right hand corner! :) IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!! :)
Your son did a FANTASTIC JOB with his card!!!!!!!!!! :) VERY CHEERY!!!!!! AND I liked how he colored the flags different colors too! :)
Your photos are GREAT Christine! I'm SOOOO GLAD we don't have all that snow here! It's RAIN today! (a mud-hole outside!) And still cold! BUT, the flowers are blooming! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning:
Your haircut is darling - I had noticed on your blog and loved it. Your son did an amazing job - I think he will need to follow in your footsteps - he is a natural!
Marcie S

Mary Gillmarten said...

Love the new hairstyle and would love the recipe to the pizza casserole!

Mary Ann said...

Love your haircut,Great projects...

Unknown said...

I too would like the recipe and love the haircut.

Kathi said...

I really love reading about your family and seeing the photos! Wow, you guys have really gotten the snow this year, while we here in the mid-atlantic (Baltimore to be specific) have virtually had none!

I love your new haircut, I noticed it the other day up in the corner of your blog, it is so cute and I bet easy to take care of!

What an adorable card by your son! I think he inherited that talent from his Mom!

If it's not too much trouble, I too would love the receipe for that casserole, it looks like something my hubby would love!

Heather Jensen said...

LOVE your new "do"! I love it when boys like to get a little crafty too. My son is 13 and he will still make a card with me. So glad you got the card, I hope it didn't take too terribly long to get there. :)


Glenda J said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Just got a new 'do' myself - quite similar to yours.