Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photography 52 - 11

Basketball City Champs!  Woo Hoo!  My husband coached our oldest son's JH BB team to a City Gold Medal!  Great game, great season, great guys :)  Sorry for the shiny background - they were too closet to the wall and I should have had my flash pointed more upward.  

Two of our son's youth leader volunteers came to watch the finals.  Wonderful guys that we're so blessed to have in our kids' lives.  These young men are really special to us.  

Crazy hair day dreads - It was crazy hair day on Friday for our youngest son.  He chose to wear a Jamaican Dreads hat we picked up somewhere along the line in youth ministry.  It's always good to have props :) He's so cute isn't he?  Ya-mahn.  

Saturday morning breakfast.  Yum, heart shaped waffles with chocolate chips (of course!) and warm berries.  Delish.  


Marisa said...

Great pics and congrats again to your son and hubby on their win :) Those two youth leaders look like really nice boys. Loving the dreads and that breakfast looks amazing!!

Marlena M. said...

Congratulations to your team! What a blessing to have good people in your son's life~the Jamaican hair is too cute! LOL