Saturday, February 23, 2013

Photography 52 - 8

It was a very busy week on the home front.  We had basketball 5 out of 7 nights, and I finally got down to painting our youngest son's room so he could move out of the room he shared with his brother for many years.  What a big job moving furniture, taping painting, moving the room over, sorting through my messy boys' stuff!  Now all three kids have their own rooms for the first time in our family.  I still have to repaint our oldest son's room because he wants a more grown up style...but for a few days (maybe weeks) he can live with it, after all he has lots of space now.

You may want to click on this one to see what's going on.  At our elementary school, you can first try out for the running team in grade 4, and that running team goes on to compete in a huge event called the Journal Games.  It's a awesome event where every elementary school in the city brings a team (generally grades 4 - 6 kids) to compete in 8 x 200 m relay at the University track facility.  So, since our youngest had a role model in his older brother who made the team in grade 4, he was determined to make the team in grade 4 too.  When he did make it, he was beyond thrilled, and his coach told him us he was one of the fastest on the team.  This is him in the red competing on his leg of the race.  He ran a personal best time too.  He caught the boy in green and see that boy in black that's twice his size behind him?  He was determine that boy wouldn't catch him either :)  We'll see if their time makes the playoffs held next month.  

These are da'boyz.  Our older son's Basketball Team, and the team my husband finally got back to coach this week.  They won gold in the tournament this weekend, and I was really proud of them.   Great kids.  My husband has worked with most of them for 2 years and I've really enjoyed basketball and seeing these guys grow and improve in their skills, there's some really skilled ball players on this team.  All but two of them (our son and another boy) will go on to high school next year.  

And this is that pretty gold trophy close up, and my husband....I call him skinny now.  All those 24 lbs he lost in the hospital and post-hospital are still lost.  Every day he's improving a little in strength, and we're super grateful.   His cast is off the wrist  he broke, and today FINALLY he had his last IV antiobiotic clinic.  33 days on IV's.  Finally he can now just take pills each day, so no more needles, no more saran wrap to shower; all those little markers that mean healing is coming...YAY!  Thank you Lord!  

Back atcha soon :)  Thanks for coming by!


TLady said...

SUPER PICTURES CHRISTINE! I KNOW you're PROUD of your boys!!!!!!! :) AND HAPPY your hubby is SO MUCH BETTER! GOD IS GOOD isn't He???? :)

Marisa said...

Yeah for your boys!! Sooo glad hubby got to go back and coach and what wonderful get well gift in the Gold! yeah for him for keeping the weight off too :) He looks great and thrilled the healing process is progressing! Yeah for no IV's!!

Conniecrafter said...

so good to hear your husband continues to recover, all the best to you all!