Saturday, February 16, 2013

Photography 52 - 7

It was a week of continued recovery for us.  Our days are filled with kids, my husband's Dr. & IV Clinic appointments each day, and gratitude to be on the healing side of things.  

I made these adorable Valentine's for our youngest son to give out this year.  He's the only one who needs Valentine's anymore :)  I thought the little monsters were just adorable.  He came home and said, "but MOM, what if kids take them seriously???"  He was not impressed that anyone would seriously think he wanted them to be his Valentine.  Once he was able to put on the googlie eyes any way he wanted he did melt a little.  But on EACH Valentine he wrote, "Happy Valentine's Day, do not take this seriously".  Ack, that kid cracks me up.  

Basketball.  Since my husband has missed 3 weeks of coaching the Senior Team, our Vice-Principal has stepped in to help coach.  This is our older son waiting to get on the floor, see him biting his lip?  :)  a little nervous still.  It was the first game my husband could even watch in 3 weeks.  It's killing him to not be coaching yet...but he's just not strong enough.  

Video Games - hands and tongues.  Such concentration from my boys playing PS3

Love this picture of his little tongue sticking out.  They always say portrait shots should be focussed on the eyes.  If you enlarge it, you can see,  his sweet eyelashes are even in focus.  :)

Remember I said we were re-doing our daughter's room, here's a bit of what it looks like.  When it's completely done I'll take a few more pics.  But you can see the wall colour and the assortment of pillows in the different fabrics on her bed.  She was studying for a tough math test coming on Tuesday.  

Have a great Sunday everyone!


TLady said...

HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Your son wants to MAKE SURE he's not plagued with girls chasing him!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Too CUTE! :) And your son concentrating on his game... Those games can be pretty intense to them! (Our kids really get into them too!) :)I'm SURE your older son misses his dad coaching too! Your daughters room looks LOVELY!!!!!!! LOVE the colors! I'll bet she LOVES IT!!!!!!! :)SUPER PICTURES! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have been absent in my comments. But, today I just had to laugh at your son's valentines! Love all your photos and what concentration your kiddos have!

Chris R. from Iowa

Patti J said...

Awww...these valentine's turned out so well! So cute, and who can resist googly eyes? You have a beautiful family, and I'm happy to read that your DH is doing better. Thanks for sharing :)

Cheryl said...

It's is the first time I've seen one of your photography posts, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially like the story of your youngest and his message on his Valentines--so funny. Your pics are really good.