Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photography 52 - 1

Hi Gang :)

Thanks for dropping by today!  As I told you last Sunday, I'm switching things up a little this year in my photography posts.  Last year I did Project 365 a photo a day for a year.  This year I'm trying to continue with the photography, and continue shooting and learning, but with a little bit of an easier pace.  Some weeks it might just be one photo, some weeks more.

So, with this is the first full week in's a little of this and that. First week back in school for the kids, basketball season began for our older son, and we had beach night for our youth ministry.  My husband also fractured/dislocated his wrist playing hockey, and he is in a cast and waiting to see a plastic surgeon this next week to see if he needs surgery.   Always adventure in our lives :)

Winter Frost.  We've had some really chilly and humid days makes for gorgeous hoarfrost on the trees.  

Beach Night!  If you've been around the blog for a while, you know that each year to kick off January we throw a huge Beach Night for our JH & HS students in our ministry.  We transform our youth building into a beach with 4 yards of sand we wheelbarrow in one load at a time, we crank up the heat and PLAY!  Above the kids are playing dodgeball, to the right of what's in the picture is our cabana where we serve slurpees and snacks.  Behind me in the picture is the stage where we have Wii Fit Resort, Fooseball, and pink pong.  We play volleyball, build sand castles and do the limbo.  It's a great night!  

Basketball Tournament - First games of the season were in a tournament this weekend.  And here's our son in the middle waiting for the whistle to get out on the court.  This year he made the Sr. BB Team even though he's a grade younger than everyone on the team.  So, he's so excited, nervous and learning :)  

Up for a shot!  He made his first basket of the season today :)   I sure love basketball.  You can also see my husband in the left background - he's the coach again this year for the team, and you can also probably see his cast on his arm.  The guys won first place tonight in a nail-biter game.  Great start to the year!

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Marisa said...

Great pictures! Love the frost on the tree. We have had some very heavy frosts and it is chilly out there (for us wimps on the West Coast anyway LOL). -5C with the moisture makes it feel like -15! But I sure love the blue skies and sunshine!

Love that beach night you do!! How totally fun! A huge congrats to your son for making the Sr. team!! Love that they won too (what can I say, I'm just a "tad" competative LOL!) Hope hubby's wrist doesn't need surgery!