Saturday, December 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week 51

Only a few more days left in my year long photography project. I'm really not sure what I'll do next year, if I'll continue or not.  I was gifted with 2 new lenses this Christmas (yay!)  so I've just started playing with them and that's been very fun.

I have a number of Christmas shots for you and then shots from my Dad's big 75th Birthday party that we threw him.  You can click on any of these you like to make them larger.  Enjoy!

One morning before the sun was up I took a shot of the tree, with just the lights from the tree as illumination.  

This is our family right before we left for the Christmas Eve Service.  All dressed up :)  Each of us had a job that night, our daughter was playing flute, our older son running the spotlights, our younger son handing out candles and lighting the Love candle and my husband and I doing the narration.  

Love this precious shot of our son at the Christmas Eve Service.  This is the last Christmas Carol where we take the light from the Christ Candle and then light everyone's candles from it,  then we sing together.  It's such a precious moment each year.  He's holding my candle so I could get the shot.

This is after the Christmas Eve Service at my parent's place.   We always open gifts Christmas Eve (German tradition), then have a big meal following.  

Playing with one of my new lenses and my mom's tree.  She has really pretty ornaments.  

This is on our tree at home.  These ornaments were crocheted by my husband's Great Aunt when she was still alive.  We treasure them.  All those tiny stitches she put into them.  Dipped in starch and water to make them stand firm.  They're so pretty!

My daughter and I had the task of making sugar cookies for my Dad's BD Party.  So we tried to fancy them up as much as we could :)

Love this picture.  It's at my Dad's party with our nephew perched between his two grandpas.  My sister-in-law's Dad and my Dad.  

Grandpa and the little guy blowing out the candles.  I love the sweet look on my nephew's face.  

My depth of field was too shallow with this lens for this shot, but kind of like how the focus goes from my niece to the fuzzed out look with my kids.  My Dad is a proud grandpa and it was a good day to celebrate him.  

There you have another week in our house.  Thanks for sharing your time with me today!  


Mary Ann said...

Great pictures!Beautiful family,wishing you and yours a Blessed New Year...

TLady said...

FABULOUS PHOTOS CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!! :) HOPE you have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR with those you love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Bobbi Miller said...

Christine, please, please please.... continue your photography for us. You are doing so well; the photos are beautiful and I just love Sundays with your family and all the beautiful nature you have up there. I hope you will continue to not only give us gorgeous cards and projects, but warm, fuzzy and beautiful photos as well. Nappy New Year. May you and yours be Blessed this Season and all through the New Year. :-)

Marisa said...

Great Christmas pics :) Love the tall tree and your dad looks so happy surrounded by those he loves :)

carole said...

Please continue to photograph and post. I always look forward to them - beautiful scenery shots and family too! Happy New Year

mjbest said...

Love your photos. You are very talent. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I'll miss your weekly photos if you decide not to continue. Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas.
Beth Greco

Silke Ledlow said...

Christine, these photos are nice to get to know you a little more :) !!! Happy New Year to you and your family...and many blessings! Hugs ~S~