Saturday, December 15, 2012

Project 365 - Week 49

A very busy week around here.  And next week looks to be equally so!  I'm sure you're all probably finding it that way too.  If only I could have managed to start my Christmas shopping before this week. I hope to be done early next week!  How are your preparations going?  

Decorated for Christmas.  We finally got around to getting the Christmas decorations up.  Looks cozy :)  

One of my favourite decorations is this pretty manger scene.  This was carved out of a tree and the pieces slide in or out like a puzzle.  One of my former students brought it back from her time in Germany or Austria.  

A little more snow, to add to the already large pile of snow.  I was trying to capture the flakes as they were falling, but it's so hard to get the focus when it's on your own arm and they melt quickly.  

My husband bought me some really pretty roses, and the afternoon light was so warm.  Our days are getting so short right now.  The sun doesn't rise till about 8:30 am, and sets just after 4 pm.   

Women's Gala.  We had a ladies event at Church and us women Pastors (there are 2 of us), and the wives of the guy Pastors sang together.  Always fun to do, we sang a Chris Tomlin song called Rejoice in the Hallowed Ground (Emmanuel).  

Baking Day.  Finally did some Christmas baking, 140 Sugar Cookies done, icing them next week.  :)  

Enjoy your Sunday!  

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TLady said...

YES! Your home looks warm & cozy!!!!!!!!! SWEET NATIVITY!!!!!!!!!!! AND so thoughtful of your student! :) I could see the snowflakes QUITE WELL!!!!!! :) SOOO PRETTY on your sweater!!!!! :) I LOVE it when my hubby brings home flowers too! :) You're AHEAD of me with your baking!!!!!!! :) If I made them now, they'd BE GONE tomorrow!!!!!!!! LOL :)