Saturday, December 1, 2012

Project 365 - Week 46 or 47?

Back for another round of photos this week.  I think by my counting that somewhere along the way I've lost a week, as it should be week 47 of 52.... :)

The new smile - our goofy little guy finally had his front tooth repaired! It was the one that was broken so badly in Mexico City this past summer.  So, he's showing off his one front tooth smile.  The other front tooth still hasn't grown in, but at least now he has one!

Poinsettias - We had friends over for American Thanksgiving and they kindly brought some festive poinsettias for us.  Good thing too, it's the ONLY Christmas decoration I have up so far.  Way too busy to get the other decorating done!

Symphonic Concert - Our daughter in the middle above had her symphonic band concert this week (it was amazing!).  These brothers are friends from Church and school that also play in band.  One brother is just older than her, one is just younger.   Aren't they handsome?   Their concert attire so sharp and professional.  And they are such great young men too :)  Our daughter is very blessed to have so many great guys that we really like as her friends.  There's five in her small group alone that are awesome.  

1/2 Birthday Gingerbread - in our house we celebrate half-birthday's of the kids.  Our middle son turned 13 1/2 this week.  On their 1/2 birthday they can choose what they'd like for the supper meal.  Afterwards I had him make this gingerbread mix I had sitting in the cupboard.  They're such cute little men, but the funny thing was, the mix was stale and so the cookies turned out awful!  You'd never know it to look at them :)  But this picture will always remind me not to leave things in the cupboard too long!

It was a big week for me as we had a very special event for our JH/HS Girls on Friday, it was a Father Daughter Date Night. We made it a very special night for the girls and their dads, and some of my leaders and their dads too.  It was so special to see these dad's and daughters invest in their relationship.  This is what the tables looked like for each pair (or trio, as some of the dad's have twin daughters!).  It was such a touching and precious night.  And one reason was because my husband could participate as a Dad this time around :)  He bought our daughter a corsage and they came in arm and arm.  Touched my heart.


Karen McAlpine said...

Great photos. Love the one with the lantern and rose.

TLady said...

WONDERFUL PICTURES CHRISTINE! :) LOOOOOOOVE the thought of a Father/Daughter night out! It IS SPECIAL!!!!!!!!! :) (I've left things in the cupboard too long too & they turned our AWFUL in taste too! :) I think it's because we just CAN'T throw food out! LOL)

Linda Carson said...

Forget Father/Daughter date night! I'd go for either one of those guys in the picture....!! Love the photos!

Jennie said...

Great pics and congrats on the CM Blog team! Looking forward to working with you :)