Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project 365 - Week 43

 Making up for a few weeks of less than 7 photos today - with a few extras :)  There were some good opportunities to take some shots - especially as you'll see with the extreme weather we had.

The weather heated up on Sunday and everything was melting so I took a picture of our maple seeds on the tree dripping.  It was such a pretty blue sky that day.  

With the leaves not having fallen off the trees yet, the frost looks so pretty on the hedge.  

Sauteeing up some pretty colors of vegetables for some soup I was making.  

Our poor son.  Gets better from a stomach virus only to go to his Volleyball Game, play, and then have a trip to the ER.  It doesn't appear that it's broken (though the xrays were inconclusive), but there is some ligament damage.  So they casted it and we'll see the Dr. again this week for more news.  Could mean the end of volleyball - but he's hoping it won't prevent him from playing basketball too!  

The Blizzard.  You'll have to click on these photos to see them more closely.  This was the day that 12 inches fell, and it took me 90 minutes to get to work rather than 25.  As much of a pain as that was - wow, it makes everything so beautiful!  Our own little winter wonderland!

A little snow on the bird feeder.  Though it's sheltered on our porch,  the snow blew in.  It continued to snow for 3 days, I'm not a big fan of the cloudy grey skies :( .

And how fun does this look?  It's our indoor waterpark.  Our Church rented out the facility and then sold tickets as a fundraiser for a family team that's going on a Mission Trip on Spring Break.   It was really fun.  And much warmer than the snowy temperatures outside.  That's a huge wave pool in the forground and then some of the larger slides in the background.  

And finally today - sunshine!  This is what we're known for in Sunny Alberta.  You can see all the snow on the tree in our backyard.  Everything is heavily laden with snow.  It is really beautiful.

And there's another week in photos!  Thanks for coming by!


Marisa said...

Great pictures. So sorry about yoru son's thumb!! Ouch!! Hoping it heals quickly so he can enjoy playing basketball.

Heard about the snowfall - beautiful pictures, but as you said, can be a mess to drive in.

I'm drooling over the West Ed Water slides! We were there two summers ago and I haven't walked that many stairs in a long time LOL! Is the purply loopy one actually working now??!! It wasn't when we were there and it would take a lot to talk me into trying it LOL!

TLady said...

Oooo, HOPE your son is feeling better SOON! :( Your pictures look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOVE the snow scenes!!!!!!!!! Up close, you can see the SNOWFLAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Snow IS PRETTY but, I don't like to go out in it! The COOOOOLD weather is on it's way here! All ready for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for showing us your pictures Christine, they're GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

ACK! your poor son! Hopefully he didn't break it is right. After the swelling goes down they might have a better look at it. I can relate, DS gets his cast off completely the day before thanksgiving. YEA! He is healing amazingly fast and the doc is happy. Power of prayer I told him. ;0) Your indoor waterpark looks FUN. and wow.... lots of snow. Glad its you and not me right now. hee hee