Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project 365 - Week 42

How about a few party decorations?  I left up some decorations I had for our daughter's birthday party, they are going into her new room which we are working on right now.  She's making the move downstairs to her own space that's much larger and the boys are looking forward to finally having rooms of their own.  

Snow.  Now we do live in Canada, but this is a bit early for this much snow.  We had about 4 inches one day.   It is lovely looking....though it's a bit messy right now on the roads as it melts.  As you can see, the leaves hadn't even totally fallen yet.  

I forgot my memory card at home, so this Volleyball shot is just taken with my phone.  Our son is the one closest to the net.  See how he has his hair perfectly poking up?  That's his "thing" now he wants to have his hair just so :)  I love how they go from little boys one day to....overnight - young men.  

Quilting store - we're on the lookout for some specific fabric for our daughters room and I was trying to see if I could find it locally rather than order it online.  This quilting store has some beautiful things.  I love fabric.  My mom was a seamstress while I was growing up, so all these beautiful textiles are a happy place for me.  

These are more the tones she's looking for, so we knew if we couldn't find the specific ones we were looking for these would be pretty too.  Isn't that paisley pretty?  

No time for more shots this week.  And we've been stuck with very cloudy gloomy skies too.  I can't wait for more Alberta sunshine!  


Bobbi Miller said...

Christine, I love your blog with all your gorgeous creations. But I also love Sundays, when you share your life with us. You are really doing so super great with your photos! Every one is so warm and inviting, even the one with the snow. I've never been to Canada; always wanted to visit, but don't know anyone other than you who lives there, and we've never met in person. So keep those great photos coming...we all enjoy them! Bright Blessings to you and your family!

TLady said...

BEAUTIFUL FABRICS!!!!!!!!! I know your daughter will LOVE her room when you're all done! Thanks for showing us your pictures!!!!!!!! :)

Karen McAlpine said...

Snow??!! Great photos.